Monday, September 13, 2010


Yep, certain children in this house are, as of yesterday, gasp, door less. Off the hinges- in the hallway- door less. I told them, Baba told them. "STOP SLAMMING THE DOORS." And they kept on slamming. In, out, in out.

So when Miss Prissy Chloe was in a mood yesterday morning and took off for her room with a BIG HUGE, WHAM...... that was it. I said "I'm taking 'em off. Don't know how but I'll bust 'em if I gotta, the doors are coming OFF."

Baba was kind enough to gently pop out the pins and remove them. And yes, it was THEM, as in, when we got home from church and twin bro threw his snit fit (guess it was his turn) then SLAMMED his door, there went his privilege as well.
So until they have learned a door is a privilege and not a RIGHT, that slamming them is not going to be acceptable, they have no doors. And now they can't slam a thing. Except the bathroom and if that one has to go it's gonna get ugly here. So let's see how they do.

I am sure you are all dying to know what the prissy/snit fits were about. Yeah, you are all holding your breath waiting, right? Believe me it's not worth your breath. They were picking on EACH OTHER about clothes. Chloe came down in a nice skirt, leggings, high heels and A TEE SHIRT? Uh, no, wasn't going to NOT tell her the shirt was a "no go."

But apparently when she came back down in a dress Chance looked at her and pretended to vomit, then got Chase doing it. She was really upset with them and in a grumpy mood as it was, but she lit into them and then said I picked on her too.

Then as she bawled in her room and refused to come out, we went to church, Baba stayed back with her, Chance acted mad all morning. Right till we sat down for lunch and I asked him if he wanted something and he ignored me, so I told him he could go sit in his room till he could behave and act right with mother. Off he went to bawl in his room, after slamming the door, of course.

He was unbelievably LOUD and got progressively louder. I asked Chase did he act this way in Ch*na, "nope" was his answer. Hummm. So it was for attention. When he finally settled down to a mild roar, I told both twins to come downstairs. I sat them down and told Chloe, "it is my duty to make sure you look right for going to God's house. I do not ever pick on you about your clothes. I want you to wear appropriate clothes, that's all.

Now your BROTHER pretending to vomit, that's another thing. He WAS picking on you, and that is NOT allowed. He is NEVER to do that again." I had her explain that to him, I backed it up with our limited English and showing him, and then I had her explain that clothes here and clothes in Ch*na are very different and he doesn't know enough about America to be making fun of what Chloe is wearing. That she has been here longer and he should be trying to LEARN from her, not making fun of her.

Then I made him look at her, say he was sorry and HUG her. I also told Chase, "no pretending to vomit about ANYTHING."

Honestly, I couldn't believe they were picking at each other. Gosh, they are so close, they really remind me of peas in a pod, one, two, three, that them squabbling like this was last on my list of concerns. But it seems they are growing within the family and seeing what they can pull, testing if their momma and baba are going to just let them go at it, as they were pretty much able to do to each other in Ch*na. And the answer is "No, they are not allowed to hurt each other."

Most of the time, their playing and teasing is minor, and doesn't get out of hand. But if it does we will step in. Of course we will.

I am pretty sure Chance has decided having parents stinks. All I can say is some days we think it stinks to parent him. So we are Even Steven Mr. Chance. Good thing we still love him even when he is stinky. He is a handful to parent, that's for sure.

Last evening he was told to do the dishes and next thing I know I see CHASE starting the dishes. I told him, No, you do not do Chance's dishes." He (Chase) had the grace to look guilty but said "okay mother." So as Chance goes out and starts doing them making all kinds of complaints in Ch*nese, I asked Chloe what he was saying.

Turd boy was telling Chase not to do the dishes when I could see him - he should have waited till later. And I ripped into him and told him "NO- you will NOT have Chase do your turn of dishes EVER." That BOY!

Chance did his dishes, Chloe was back to normal, she had fixed my hair so tight I think my eyes slanted and I had 2 chopsticks coming out of my hair?

I recall she mentioned something about black hair dye, I don't know what she was saying since I just tuned her silliness out --aka I wasn't listening (no calls MOM-- you don't have her unending gift of gab in your face 24/7)

Just what is she trying to do to me anyway?

Another day in the life of this crazy household.... enjoy, the pictures of them fooling around in their Japanese robes from Uncle Roy, uhh, BTW, the one Chase has on, that would be MINE! Can't say they don't make us laugh....that's for sure!


Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Hi vickie

I absolutely love reading your blog. It normally puts a smile on my face and a giggle in my heart! You are so real, love love love it.

I am all with you and hubby about taking the doors off. There are consequences to all our actions, some good, some not so good. I feel it is very important for our kiddos to learn that.

Blessings to you!


Sammy said...

Hey girl we gotta talk since I just brought two olders one home from China too! I've got one doing the "not talking" bit and I've got a real good solution that is working so far. : - )

Dawn said...

You are one sainted mamma! I still want to be your neighbor... What is that saying ,"If we could not LAUGH we would all go insane?" Pretty much sums up life with teens... Most of the time I am insane... So YOU are my hero... ;-)

Wright Family said...

GO Girl ! You are amazing! I am still in the honeymoon stage with my two newest, but I am saving tips from you...Catherine