Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dental news

Yikes, the news is not good. We thought Chloe's teeth were expensive, huh. Well, since we have no dental insurance, we self pay and we were really hoping the news on the boys' teeth would be better. It's Chase, so far, and to the tune of over $1,000 to get him in shape.

I waited to take the boys since coming home, it was hard on Chloe to come home and go directly into treatment for her teeth with never having been to a dentist ever. She is not happy to go now for anything. So I wanted to give the boys some time to be settled.

Chase had x-rays today and an evaluation. He has 4 cavities. He goes for cleaning next week, then they will schedule the repairs depending on how well the cleaning goes, either all at once or in two visits. They did confirm his age, 15 1/2 to be correct per a wisdom tooth root. That tooth is just coming through. Odd thing is that he is missing the wisdom tooth on the other side, just never developed a tooth there.

Mal has an appointment Monday for a filling that came out in her tooth, then Chance is next for x-rays and evaluation. His teeth LOOK good, but who knows what they will find.

I'm thankful God provided to at least take care of the worst of it right away since Chase finally told me his teeth were hurting him, he is understanding he needs to tell us when he is hurt and we will do something about it. He was just suffering in silence till now and I couldn't see the cavities he had, they are in the very back of his mouth.

He was really funny when he saw the bill, he's nosey like sis and had to see it, he said "oh mother, BIG money." I said "yep, your teeth big money, but it's okay, momma, baba pay big money for your teeth, we love you." He then kissed me on the cheek and said "sank you mother." Isn't he so incredibly sweet?

I am so glad we can show him he is important, that he is cared for, by us, his parents. That we will give him the care he needs, things he never dreamed would be taken care of for him. Things he has needed taken care of for most likely years. He was glad I went back with him and sat with him, it wasn't anything he couldn't handle alone but I knew he was worried and wanted him to be as comfortable as possible.

As we left the dentist and they were doing the scheduling, I went to hand him the keys to the van, I told him "no drive!" and he laughed. I love his laugh. It's so neat to see him so happy and he assured me "Mother, me no drive."

We have enjoyed looking at some pictures we were sent to see, of the kids many years ago, even a few with all 3 again:) Funny thing was Chance was looking through them with me and I was pointing out my kids faster than he could and he said "Whoa mother, you GOOD." I told him "Mother knows her children":) He couldn't believe I knew them even from the back, even in a big crowd.

I'm posting a few and see if you can find them. Some are tough but the kiddos are there.

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Holly said...

I love how sweet your Chase is! I love it that they are so quickly understanding that moms love their kids and what that means. When we didn't have dental insurance and were facing big bills, we bought some kind of dental plan that helped a lot. I will ask my hubby what that was and let you know on facebook. : )