Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chance's Advice

Last night, the teens went with Hannah and her family for evening church since the teens are practicing for a skit they will be doing for church soon. So when Chance saw that Hannah's older sister was not very happy, he wanted so badly to HELP.

He asked her "what's wrong." She told him she was mad. He decided to help her out by giving her advice. Chance's type of advice. He told her "when I mad, I go to room, go SLAM!" (As he pretended to slam a door) And she said "how's that working for you?" As he shrugged he had to admit, "now no door, no SLAM." And they laughed.
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It's just the epitome of our son, he some how can always make you laugh. I can't stay mad at him for anything, he's just too darn cute. Now his sister, there's a different story. She is one who makes me VERY thankful her siblings were BOYS. OIY. It's really something, this whole raising daughters thing. I'm still not sure I like it. I don't know how people with 4, 5, or more GIRLS do this. I wouldn't have any red hair LEFT.
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Kat has been fussy lately. When I mentioned to Chloe last evening that Kat was really feeling out of sorts, that they needed to be kinder to her, she was really hurting from everything being about the teen sibs.
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Guess what Miss Smarty Pants said? "Why don't you just send us back then." WHOA. It took me a full minute to pick my jaw up off my lap and I said "go to your room." SHE KNEW I was UPSET. I told her as she went no computer, no TV and keep her mouth shut." She flies back with needing the last word with "NO!"

Unbelievable. I sooooo did not like her behavior at that moment- ya think? Okay that was just a nice way of saying I was HOT-- red hot, as mad as can be.

GRRRRR. I guess you could say she is a fairly normal 14 year old girl- huh? I recall thinking the world should revolve around ME when I was 14 too. Chloe doesn't want anything to be about Kat, just about HER. Chloe can be quite jealous and her jealousy was on full blast. NOT that it excuses her behaving this way. Nope. She's in her door less room, sitting. Till she apologizes as well as straightens up.
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And although some days it might just be tempting to send them all back- she isn't getting rid of this wild and crazy family any time soon. Nice try. I COULD tell her that I've been trying to ditch these crazies much, much longer than her but then what fun would that be to ruin her hopes and dreams? MOM- just joking do not call me or CPS.

Donovan in the meantime was trying to make sure I noticed him today, he was complaining that he wanted ungrounded then he actually figured out that he needed to apologize. And he did. Forward movement on that front.

Chase is very quiet tonight, he doesn't like that Chloe is in trouble. It bothers him. I don't know what she told him, another issue of no communication with the boys. Not a good thing, it's hard to tell what she says to them. I know Chance complained to me tonight that Chase is threatening to hit him if he doesn't do what he wants, not that Chance hasn't been known to threaten that as well. So they both had to be told they do not threaten or do that to anyone in the family. It's not allowed.

Camden is driving us all nuts practicing his new flute, I guess I have to be thankful it's not a set of drums. OIY.

I'm dreaming of a vacation far, far away from here. Hey, anyone got an extra room for a goofy red head? I'll bring my own chocolate:) Just a week or so, for me to "get a deeper appreciation of my life". Sounds good, huh? Especially since the dryer has chosen to die tonight, of course it has, sighhhhhh.


Adrian Roberta said...

You're more then welcome here, but I can't guarentee you that it's any quieter and calmer here (-: But I had 1 1/2 pounds of Fudge in my pantry (for after the kidlets are in bed) I'll share if you will.

Jerry and Christy said...

We have an extra bedroom here. I think you would miss all the excitement though. It gets kind of boring and quiet here. We only have one teenager. A boy! The two girls aren't quite that big of drama queens. The three year old has her moments though.

Holly said...

Come on over, Vickie!!! I would so LOVE to meet you in person! : ) Really, I am praying for you. I am sure those teenage years will not always be the most fun times.

Gina said...

I adore your blog, and this cracks me up. It's comforting to hear I'm not the only one. And I don't even have any adopted kids here yet. :)

Tammy said...

Can I just say, my favorite part of your blog is when you say "Mom, don't call me." Cracks me up every time!

Dawn said...

grrr... girls and manipulation, so much fun...I "Just" found out some things my oldest daughter (now 27!) had said to her little sister when they were teens...and it affected this little sister for all these years and it was a total fat lie! I would make sure you really get it out of Chase what Chole is saying to him... I was raised an olnly child so having 7 kids I am way behind on the sibling stuff... You are good lady you will get it!

Family said...

you are always welcome here even though it is on the total opposite side of the US. You can listen to all my kids instead...of course I am down to one teen so its a different kind of noise:)