Friday, September 3, 2010

Catchin' Up

So far I have given info to 2 families about some of the children of my heart. It doesn't seem they are the families for the 2 but I still will keep the faith that the right family will find them.

It will be a perfect match, so I do not worry about the ones that don't see these children as theirs, and I hope deeply that the families find their child. Every orphan is needy, the ones I have in my heart are ones that aren't easily adoptable.

Multiple needs, severe needs, scary histories, all very hard to place children that need to have a prayer warrior (or 2 or 3) in their corner, caring that they exist, that they struggle to survive. The only child who is healthy-- the teens' friend, they have asked for the orphanage to get his file ready or if it is done, to tell us. So we can advocate for him and as soon as we know he can be adopted we will share that.

All the children of my heart are some family's treasure, awaiting them, I mean, look at ours, and the treasures we have been blessed with. I doubt one person would have looked at a sibling group of 3 teens and said "wow, what a TREASURE those 3 will be for a family." Yet here we are!

BTW doesn't Chase look great in orange? Nice to see him in colors other than PLUM this week:)

As for my migraine issue, sure wish someone had a Vick's Rub for the feet that cured those. WOW-- they are painful. Mine come on due to lack of sleep, time of the month and stress. If I feel one coming and I take meds and lay down, I can keep it to a half day or less most of the time. If I do not lay down and rest, I can end up with nausea, vomiting, pain for 2 days. Not fun.

I feel as though I am getting caught up, that helps matters tremendously. I really felt spread thin this week. Just getting into the routine of school, all the calls from school. Yesterday was the first day of no call from the school!! YEAH! A whole day!!

We went to Open House last night and met all the teachers, felt really good about how they are accepting the boys, helping them, what they expect of them. Just touching base with the ESL teacher I see a huge difference with her leading the teacher groups for each child to help them as best as they possibly can.

Last year's teacher was so frustrating with Chloe when all she wanted to say to her and me "she should know this," and " she should be in a higher grade." Grrrr. Not helping her at all. Or the teachers. So the new teacher is a breath of fresh air, she really seems on top of things for all 3 of the kids. I am thrilled, since I hate to feel the school is clueless and the kids are suffering for it.

It's huge that the teachers understand we do not want the boys totally frustrated, of course they will have some frustration but we want them to feel good about coming to school, not just lost and sitting there being bored.

All the teachers seem to really grasp how hard it will be for Chase as an older child as well. The team of teachers seem very caring and considerate of his needs.

We did have to do a change for Chase, he did not like the boy he was paired with. So it worked out better and actually a student that was interested in helping Chase came forward that seems to be a better match. A girl, who is more nurturing and helpful than the boys seem to be. I think in some ways Chase is like Kat, they both see the same gender peers as them as a competition and don't get along as well with them. He is already much happier with the girl helping him.

Oh, just so you all can get an idea of parenting these three is like and how older children can surprise you in many ways over many months and even years with things popping up from their past.

This week Chance comes to me. He has 2 pictures. He says, "Mother, look here. Me want this too, this Chase." Well..... I was FLOORED. It was 2 pictures of the 3 of them together. ALL 3 SIBLINGS.

Not great pictures, they were eating, one has Chance with a big piece of chicken in his mouth (of course he does), but I had often thought what a shame that we did not have ONE single picture of the 3 kids together.

I knew not to expect baby pictures, that's a given, but being they were known siblings, why not 1 picture of all three? I had seen pictures of the boys together, Chloe and each brother, each child alone. So here they are, Chase says he was 13, so the twins would have been 12.

They look younger, but then they have grown so much since they have come home. Don't ya all think? Blooming.

I'm just amazed to see 2 pictures with all 3 of them. It's like a precious gift. I worked on their life books/scrapbooks this week, every one's. Got them
caught up to the end of the
summer, 6 books, 582 pictures!!

Don't worry (mom) I know I am a picture nut, I can't help it, I want to record my kiddos lives as much as possible. Don't want to miss a thing.

Everything is new for the boys, their first of many things. I didn't count how many pages I made. I am going to copy the pictures of the past and add a page for each of them of "then and now" in each of their books. As I look upon these treasured pictures which are too cute for words, I see the boy on the right on the end in the yellow shirt, he's a child of my heart:) Isn't he handsome?

Needless to say, I had plenty of pictures to pick of the 3 of them home now, together, in our family, as the siblings they are. Will the wonder of that ever wear off? I sure hope not.

It's such a miracle, that we found out about them, that they are here, home. Safe, loved, fed, needs met, loved. Sure do love them:)

And you know what? THEY were the children of others' hearts, a burden they prayed about and
loved them from afar till we brought them home. l know this for a fact about all 3 of our teens. I've had people contact me to tell me this, how much it meant to see they would be getting a forever family.

God can do amazing things. Just look at our 3 and I dare anyone to dispute that He had this planned to work out just as it has, even the amazing one who "aged out" and yet here he is..... thrilled to be our son.

Never underestimate the awesome power of our God or His love for the orphans He calls us to love and care for:)

Today is my first really free day, no babysitting, no one but me and the dog and cats. I am eating potato chips for breakfast (don't call me mom, I know how bad that is) and my oldest son offered lunch out, so that's in the plan of the day, along with the usual chores dishes, laundry, trip to the store.

Sure is QUIET here:) hee hee hee hee

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Holly said...

Wonderful post. I love those pictures!! And you are right. It is important for us to really pray for these kids specifically. Most likely there is no one praying for them, or maybe even really loving them. I am going to make it my goal to single a few out and pray fervently for them.