Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Accident prone

I don't know what has gotten in to my children, they are destroying things at an amazing rate this week. First it was Camden, a brand new pair of Skech*r shoes lasted him exactly ONE week. Big hole torn in a seam, and of course, this was a pair I bought on clearance a while back and can't return...grrrr. Second week of school he asked me to "sew" his backpack, can't happen when the entire bottom was ripped out!

Kat was next, I was trying to tie her shoe and the only thing around was a metal garbage can, but what does she fall into but that can, right on her face. Ouch. Instant bloody nose and swelling as well as a nasty bruise.

THEN the big whammy from her, she stole gum, went to bed with it in her mouth, fell asleep and you guessed it by now, right? In her HAIR, a big wad at midnight, that I had to work out with PB which took me 45 minutes and a ton of work to save her hair. Thank God she is the one with the thinnest hair. I saved all but 2 small unnoticeable spots.

Then Chase made mother almost blow a gasket, I soaked beans for chili for supper, used 3 pounds of hamburger, put in everything else, Chance was stirring, I put it on "low" and covered it. Told him "don't touch." Out we went to change our seasonal stuff on the front porch, didn't take but 15 minutes, and as soon as I came in I smelled it- the odor of burnt food. Come to find Chase thought he would "help" mother and turned my chili on HIGH which seems to be the only temp they seem to know. Ruined the WHOLE 8 quart pot. I was so MAD. The waste of it! Oh my.

I had to go to the store to get out, to buy groceries and get a break before I had to cook a whole new supper for the crew. Otherwise I was threatening to drink, and we all know I may never stop if I would start.

Chloe and Chance, the usual buggers didn't accidentally do anything YET, although that Chance is going to be the death of me, he decided he LIKES the door off of the room. Of course he does.

I can say I am pretty sure Chloe loves her momma, I was teasing when I said "dad said if I make one more dish with noodles he will shoot me." So when I made T*na Helper, my modified version of it, that is, which adds in extra noodles to 2 boxes of Helper, a bag of frozen broccoli, and instead of tuna, imitation crab . Quite yummy but full of noodles.

Chloe was so worried, "but, but, you said dad shoot you if you make noodles again." Yep, I told her, he sure did and you better protect me since you love all these noodles. Off she went and asked him if he really would shoot me, terribly concerned, you see:) He assured her he would let it go "this time." Ha Ha.

Maybe since she loves me so much she will keep from accidentally doing anything destructive but at the rate they are all going, I'm not holding MY breath.


Cara said...

I just have to say that LOVE Kat's dress! Where did you get it? :0)

Heather said...

That's too funny! My kids have broken the zippers on a brand new backpack and a brand new pair of pants, they only started school last Wed. Gonna be a long year!

Shannon said...

Hi!!!! I am so excited to find you!!!!! thanks for entering the give away on my blog!