Thursday, September 9, 2010


He's 10. Unbelievable. 10. Already? 10. Yep, Camden turned ten today, actually he was just minutes old exactly 10 years ago. The last time I gave birth. I remember thinking "wow that hurts and I sooo don't want to do this again." Must be thickheaded since it took me 5 times to get there:)

5 sons. A "step" daughter, I hate that word "step, step to what? step on, up, down? I saw no "step" when I was raising her- but I didn't birth her so I didn't get to claim her on my hips. Yeah, each boy got blame for an area of me that, to this day, remains fluffy from them. All their fault.

10 years ago "little male me" as he is affectionately known as, since he looks like a male carbon copy of ME-- was born and I would have laughed my head off if someone has said that 10 years from now, I would not only have 2 more daughters, but 2 more sons as well. Laughed like a nut. Told whomever said it they were bonkers. Not gonna happen. Mother of 10, yeah, RIGHT. Not me. No way.

Yet, here I am. And I can't think of my family being anything less. Camden was a gift, the blending of my 4 sons, Baba's girl, the child related to them all. He has been doted on, spoiled and still remains a loving and giving child we are proud to call our son. ( it helps that he isn't a teen yet too:)

When he was 5 he started asking for a sister, we laughed it off at first. Told him--"girl, boy, monkey, it isn't coming out of me!" When he got to a point where he was looking in a Christmas catalog and asking how old each girl model was and saying "okay, I'll take her." I knew we needed to really listen to this innocent child's pleas.

So we started the process to adopt, and found our Kat. I've never seen a child fall in love so quickly as those 2 did. They meshed like they were always brother and sister. Her first English word was her version of his name. She followed him everywhere. Adores him to this day.

God sent this child to us, opening a door and making us see, we need to go back. In the mean time we fostered children here, special needs children and helped 10 foster children whom we will never forget.

Then were led to consider an older girl which was Chloe, that then led to the boys, Chance and Chase.

Camden has taken the brunt of blending all our Chinese kiddos, since he is just the right age to help them and let them learn from him. And he does that willingly. He has been thrilled to add to the family, even when we had to say to him- no we can't do this, or that, we have to save money to adopt again. And again. And again. He never once said "I wish we weren't." He always looked forward to each one coming with joy and anticipation.

His heart is huge. Huge. His eyes are brown, with some green, just like mine. He has freckles. He is pale skinned. He has the exact shade of hair as me. He sunburns so easy. He is sensitive and caring. He could care less what color skin his siblings have, other than to be jealous they don't sunburn:) He adored Tristan, our foster baby that passed away. He still talks about him with love, pure love in his heart and a deep understanding of God taking Tristan home for him to be whole.

We feel blessed to have this son, we are proud of him and thankful we get to parent him. I cherish this child of mine, a gift from God, that we have been entrusted with. I'm sooo glad you weren't the girl I was hoping for:)

God knew I needed YOU, my 5th son.
Happy Birthday Dear Son Camden, 10 amazing years with you- WOW!


Adrian Roberta said...

What a sweet post honoring your Baby! Just finished celebrating my DS#2 and they are ALWAYS the sweet baby boy no matter how big they get.

Holly said...

Happy birthday to your little you son. I was so happy to read it as I often think of him surrounded by all the newer brothers and sisters and wonder how he is doing with all of it. He is a precious, special boy, that's clear. Thanks for the wonderful post!