Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Uncle Roy visit over

Well, Uncle Roy's visit is over. Poor Uncle Roy doesn't feel well and off they go bright and early tomorrow, back to Japan.

I made his (and my) all time fave meal since our MOM refused to "heat the house up cooking"-- ham, corn, potpie, sweet potatoes, rolls, applesauce and for desert, homemade biscuits, topped with strawberries and cream. Ohh, yum. Our potpie is different than what some people know as "potpie"- it's flour with water rolled out and then cut into strips and cooked on low in the broth of the ham.

We got Chloe and Chance's school assignment, they are both in the same classes. Only 27 more days till that school assignment will begin. The kids are all getting anxious to go, and we all know I am anxious for the school year to get under way.

We had another go 'round with the threesome, as far as treating Camden and sometimes Kat crappy. Chloe was mad, as she took the brunt of the scolding, but I think it finally sunk in to her that if she doesn't stop translating for her brothers that she will be in this position till they learn English and it could be for a very LONGGG time.

I told Chloe that by 3 months home with her I could explain to her that a behavior was not acceptable and she got it. I can kinda tell them, but I am not sure they get it. Or they shape up for a bit then fall back to the old bad behavior. I won't tolerate it.

They have to learn we are a family-- all of us and what that means. It's tough when the boys think they have done something wrong, they want to please us, but then, that old sibling rivalry flares up and they are downright mean. I will not sit back and put up with it. And I pointed out, if they wouldn't do it to one another (of their little threesome) they should NOT be willing to do it to Camden or Kat. Easy enough to follow, ehh? Ya think?

I'm watching 2 kids this week, wondering what I was drinking when I agreed to this, oh, that's right, I don't drink. Hummm....maybe I should? Ha ha! Anyway, it's given the boys a super example of how annoying their siblings COULD have been-- and I pointed that out. I think, just maybe, they are learning it is a relief to have Kat and Camden as their sibs. As usual God is using something as simple as me babysitting to provide a message that doesn't require language.
The boys usually say "mother, Kat too noisy" which means anything from "she's kissing too many times, she's being annoying, she's yelling, she's not listening." WELLL.... after these 2 have been here for just 3 days, I have heard not a WORD about Camden or Kat being "noisy," I do believe they are feeling pretty thankful to have them as their siblings as it could be much, much, worse.

Now if we can just get them to call Kat by her name instead of "Drama Queen." Won't their teacher be thrilled when they hit the school doors in just 27 days ( did I mention that before) and one of the things they are able to say clearly is "drama queen." Yikes.


Family said...

It is so good to hear other peoples houses are similar to mine:)...I love my kids and am happy they home for the summer, but they are all getting on eachs others nerves so its time to get back to school (for us after labor day....gotta love it though:)

joven said...

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