Monday, August 30, 2010

Today's the DAY!

Off to school they went- tee hee!! All 6 of them. Phewww. I survived another wild summer. Everyone was up early, if not thrilled. Chloe was excited, as was Chase, Chance was pouting. I think Camden was fretting since he ended up in our bed around 2 am with a "bad dream."

Kat fooled around going to sleep then didn't want to get up, once she did we had a nose bleed issue. She did get better once she was dressed, my niece brought the baby over and witnessed some of the snottiness of the Diva and exclaimed "I think she's be the one to break you." To which I responded, "well, at least she's the last one- so if she leaves me slobbering in insanity from her teen years I will have gotten them all raised."

Don't even think I got to be alone, no way, can't be-Jaxon my man was here, and I got to babysit a 4 year old as well. So what did I do today? Normally I go to lunch to celebrate this day.
Somehow Baba sabotaged my day by setting up a cable appointment, you know, the kind where they are going to come at any time- then don't show up when they are supposed to? Grrrr, not nice Baba. The man showed up EARLY then was in and out, up and down, like a bad song, all day long. Ruined the whole day.

I e-mailed the new ESL teacher over the weekend and she responded last night to let me know the school had an interpreter coming, same one the boys had in June to be with the boys today. I was relieved to hear that.

I also wrote a note to each of the boys' buddies, to let them know what to do if they encounter a problem, what NOT to do with the boys, what TO do with them. Also reminding them that they are NOT obligated to "buddy" our sons, and we will not be upset if they decide they prefer not to, for any reason. It's a huge undertaking.

I only got 3 calls from school, although the third was the cable guy messing with the phone line and cut me off. Does the school have me on SPEED DIAL?? I think so.

Anyway, they called to tell me Chase was too quiet, they weren't sure how to "take" him and thought he was upset. So they called in Chloe and nothing was wrong.
Neither boy would eat lunch (guess they will tomorrow, they missed snack since they didn't eat lunch and learned momma was gonna find these things out) but basically Chase has that whole "blank look" from Chinese culture he uses and when you don't know him it looks like he is brooding.
I am thankful they cared enough to take notice and even had the guidance counselor call me and ask what they could do to make it easier for him, how to encourage the students to include him.

He was smiling when he came home, even telling me "Mother I don't know, what- ahh they say." But he handed me MY homework for the night. I am meeting with their teachers Friday morning to give them a bit of info on the kids personalities, what I expect them to learn, how to work with them. etc. Some of it's basic cultural stuff, some common sense.

All in all, not bad for the first day, my arm is killing me, so much for copying the forms, they used yellow paper and card stock for the 2 big forms that I could have copied. And they sent home enough copies with everyone of things we didn't even need-- what a waste of paper! Shame on them.
Maybe tomorrow will be a 1-phone-call- from-the-school day? We'll have to see:)


Adrian Roberta said...

Wow I can't imagine the nerves the kids must have had! Good for them for surviving it!

Susan said...

You might want to watch a PBS show that is scheduled to air today called Wo Ai Ni Mommy. It is about an 8 year old girl adopted from China. I am sure you can relate.