Saturday, August 21, 2010

The "Secret"

I had a dream a few nights ago. I have to share it as I laughed so stinkin' hard when I woke up. I was in a house of some kind, looking around, it was to be my house, but people's things were still in it. More importantly, I went around counting TOILETS. There were 2 bathrooms, then 2 toilets just sitting in the hall area, functional toilets. I was sooo thrilled with TOILETS. Guess you can tell what is missing in my life! How sad is that?

I can't recall the last time we had a day here with no laughter. I guess that's just par for the course with these kiddos. Chloe was watching Wife Swap- I dream of swapping with some rich dude with 2 kids, just for 2 weeks, mind you, not for good! Calling it "vacation?" Wouldn't that be sweet?

Anyway, there was a mixed couple on the show. Wife was a lighter skinned African American, hubby white, kids were dark brown. Chloe said "why they not like me (lighter) brown, they cheaty." Everything is "you cheaty". Meaning you tricked her, you fibbed, you teased her, something isn't fair--it covers that all.

The boys, they kept saying "Mother, Kat noisy" when she wasn't doing anything loud. I finally caught on, "noisy" really means "annoying." She is annoying them, kissing them. Ohh.

Chloe's BFF's mom and I planned a surprise for yesterday, a fun day out with the kids before school starts, since it's down to 10 days till they go! WHOOO HOOOO. Anyway, we kept it a secret from Chloe. Nosy Chloe could not STAND it. She begged us, she pleaded, "please tell me cigarette". I am thinking "Cigarette?? What is she talking about?" Oh, that would be Seek-er-ret- or better know to the rest of us English speaking people--SECRET. Nope, we didn't give.

She said "It no my birthday, it no Jesus birthday, no you birthday, YOU CHEATY ME!" I still didn't cave:) And she found out yesterday. Pizza party then bowling, followed by a camp fire supper with the Youth. Fun for all. First time the boys went bowling but an easy and fun game to catch on to. I got pictures of the elusive Donovan, he loves to bowl and while waiting for their turn arm wrestled Chase to show him "who was the boss" of the children- ha ha.

The Min sibs weren't thrilled with the pizza, the whole CHEESE thing, ya know, but the rest of us love it and sometimes you just gotta let us have our cheese. Plus the night before we had delicious, home made Chinese food, since we helped our friendship college student move back to the dorm for the new school year and he made us 4 different dishes. YUM.

Chance really got into the bowling, Chase bowled but said he would rather go skating. Ok. Guess we'll try that next time, but for now, just PLAY. Miss Kitty had a blast, even with the balls too big for her as well as the shoes. She is very funny trying to get the ball down the alley.

The owner was so kind to us, he didn't even yell when that goofball Chance bowled, sent his sunglasses he had perched on his head down the alley with his ball, then slid down the alley on his belly to get the glasses. As well as the kids using the intercom to say "Hi" numerous times. OIY. Can't take 'em anywhere:)

The camp fire supper was a ton of fun, till we hit my limit of 6 kids with me, 4 injuries. First Camden ripped a toe nail, no biggie. Then Chloe and Chance somehow slammed into each other, hitting, of course, her front teeth! (You know, those ones we had huge dental work done on to save them??) Yeah, she loosened them, the 3 front ones with her brother's cheek as a landing, leaving him cut and bruised as well.

So when dark came and they were playing a game and we heard a BIGGG crash, I said "which one of mine was it this time?" Out of 30 kids, it was Chase. He fell in an old dried up covered well scraping his arm and leg. At that point I was done. Going home to assess injuries and put children to bed as long as we didn't need to go to the hospital.

Which we didn't--but....Chloe is informing me I need to go to the hospital, I have a problem, that I am writing about what we did yesterday on here, already:) See how funny she is? I asked her what it would be called-- blogitis? Blog addicted? Blog goofy? She told me to "knock it off, I cheaty her!" Of course I do:) But isn't it great that she can READ some of what I am writing? Enough to know it's about her accident last night. At 17 months home, I have to say, I'm impressed:)

Uh, Shelley, you can move in, but the only room we have is with Donovan. He's really "special." Just last Sunday when I "forced him to get up and go to church" he told the pastor when asked "how are you today?" "I don't like my mother, I want a new one." So I told him to pick one, at least we were in church and I would send him home with the poor woman he chose. Somehow he ended up back in MY VAN heading for home when the time to go came? Can you feel the LOVE??


Chad and Kristy said...

Oh goodness Vickie! Your life is such a hoot!

Holly said...

Oh,so funny. I love the "You cheaty me!" : )

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

I really enjoy dropping by your blog every day. I've been a lurker but today I officially became a follower. The chronicles of your life keep me smiling! What a beautiful family.

My husband and I are just starting our adoption journey. We are awaiting approval from our agency.

Blessings to you and your family. I look forward to reading your post about the first day of school!