Monday, August 23, 2010

Room Swap

We started yesterday with moving. That is, Mal moved to college:) 1 more grown, 6 to go--Ha Ha!

It took about 4 hours for us to get another "kid" when we opened our home to host a local college student from Japan. We have Masa for the next 5 days. Then he moves to the dorms as well.

Mal's moving didn't start this weekend, no way, we are talking about 18 years in the same room! It was unbelievable what all was in that room. It took her about 2 weeks to get it all sorted through and store what she wasn't taking with her and pack up to take what she wanted.

As soon as she left the fun (not) began. Kat moved in, it took quite a few hours and some snotty comments on Chloe's part to get everything in and a place for it all. I asked Chloe if she was going to tell me EVERY LITTLE THING Kat does and she clearly did not get my "annoyed tone" because she said "Yeah"--like it was a good thing. Grrrrrr.

It seems the new "hangout" is going to be Kat and Chloe's room. At least it has been so far. Chance really wanted to be moved to Donovan's room but with the fact that he has grudgingly moved a number of times to accommodate numerous additions to the household, we felt it best to give him his own space for now.
So he is the only one with his own "digs." I think it might just have gone to his head since he has already asked if he could have a microwave? "No." A mini fridge? "No." So, how about a coffee maker? "A BIG NO." A soda machine? "No way, no how!" The no food rule extends to bedrooms as well.

One thing I have been so thankful for is the room Donovan has now, it has grey sponge painted walls, white trim. Take down all of Miss Kitty's things, the cat curtains, and wha- la! Easy as pie to hang plain blue valances, and outfit the room for a boy.
That room has been switched out often, even split half and half when Kat first came home and wanted to be with Camden.

Another easy fix we use-- we had a dresser fall apart, and since I hate throwing anything away without seeing if any of it is salvageable. So hubby took the sides which were in good shape, we laid them across two plastic 3 drawer sets and wha-la! Instant desk. For the girls, I threw an extra curtain panel (bought those for $5 each) and the drawers are covered up but still easily accessed. Since we do have a ton of kiddos, I have had to learn to be not only thrifty, but space saving as well.

Masa's student partners for this week stopped by, Frank is Chinese, and Hector from Costa Rica. Nice young men. Chloe said "we have many Asians, more than YOU." I said "yeahhhh, we sure do." I guess she thought we would feel odd about that but I am outnumbered by the kids all the time, so it wasn't a big deal to me or dad.
Frank said he would have to stop over to see us, we feel like "home" to him. We talked about holidays, snow, and their trips here. They are all eager to see snow and a real American Christmas.

I was pleased to hear Hector say that Christmas in his country is very much "religious" based. Not commercialized like here. Kat was very taken with Frank, that girl, she is going to give me a ton of white hair. Frank was saying how "Asian people are very desirable here, huh?" We all laughed as they really were showing their "college nature" with that comment.

We enjoyed sharing our supper tonight with the 3 of them, they were pleased I made rice but Frank told me I add too much water, that it's just a fingertip over the amount of rice in the steamer. Imagine that, here I was following the directions on the bag all along, and getting it wrong. I'm glad he told me:)

I posted pictures of the girls' room, Kat is still calling it "Mal's room"-- guess it will take time for her to get that right? She is really liking her new room though, she enjoys having the desk she can sit down and draw at, she made cards for all of us, then even Santa, she's a bit early for him but she's got it covered.

Hey, just so you all know-------7 days till SCHOOL!!!!!


Holly said...

The rooms look great!

Family said...

We just did the whole room moving around too so Ty will have a cool room with Caleb...fullsize loft beds. We combined our girls, combined our little boys and opened up a free room for a guest/play's tiring work isn't it:) Your rooms look great