Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kill me with kindness

There's no lack of love for this momma. I think they might just do me in with kindness. I am barely allowed to pee by myself today. Goodness. I feel the love. It's suffocating me, but they are so sweet. (Today anyway)

Chloe and Chance were off to a fun day at an amusement park, they left early and got back late. They went with the church youth group and Chase was supposed to go as well, but when he refused to listen about going to his room yesterday I told him he was not going:( He actually took not going with grace and spent some quality time with Camden today as well as his big bro Derrik.
Chloe and Chance obviously had a blast, if the pictures are anything to go by:) They both came home exhausted but smiling, and hadn't even spent all their money!

I took it easy today, I was wiped out, but thankful for the medicine that helps my breathing and for the time to heal. And very thankful for my children who are so helpful. Also, whoever it was that told me Vapor Rub on my feet for the coughing at night- WOW, I thank you sooooo much, it WORKS.

In school news, we did find a friend/buddy for Chance for school, he will be in separate classes as Chloe but the same grade. They will have lunch and other things together, so they will still see each other. At this time we are still working on a friend/buddy for Chase but we are putting him in 8th grade. A bit lower than his "age" but we want him to succeed and feel this will suit his needs best. BTW, just 19 days till they go:)

Chase came down today dressed in a pair of shorts bought for school. I told him "school clothes." He told me, "no, have 5 pairs". I guess he is saving 5 pants and shirts and will wear the same things each week? Okay then-- as long as he is clean, I'm not arguing with him over this. Not worth the battle.
I'm starting to realize Chase is an awful lot like his redheaded momma, stubborn, insistent. Hummmm. Seems awful strange that I have kids with not a drop of my blood but so like me it's not funny. No wonder you can forget they are adopted, then people look at you like you've lost your mind since they only see Chinese kids. I see my CHILDREN.

Matches made in Heaven, that's what I think:) Even when they drive me bonkers I love 'em like crazy. It's all I can do with 'em some days, at least that's what I keep telling myself:)


Anonymous said...
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Lara said...

Love the miracle of adoption!

mama 2 3 said...

I have enjoyed following along on your journey. Had to agree with the comment about kids with not a drop of my blood being so much like me. My adopted son is more like me than my bio daughter, but I love them all.

kathycl said...
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Learning Together at Home said...

It is a wonder, isn't it?