Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pet peeves

I don't get it. I understand with our teens that they come from a totally different culture. A culture that doesn't see animals as pets, they have a function. For food, for protection, not just to cuddle and love. So when all 3 kids came home, one of the first things we had to teach them was respect for the pets.

The dog. Do not drag him around like a rag. He is not to be locked in rooms. Pet, don't HIT. Never trap for eating.

The cat. Do not kick. Do not tease. Do not lock in rooms. Do not carry by the tail. RESPECT the pets.

They were not so pleased that these "animals" resided with us, as treasured pets. Fed indoors. Not teased or expected to earn their keep in any way and fed anyway. WOW.

I THOUGHT when the boys found the bunny and showed huge compassion for the poor little thing, they nursed it back to health, Chase was taking a medicine dropper with warm milk 4 times a day and feeding this little bunny by hand. Yet, yesterday when I got home late from an appointment, I am greeted with a crying child (Camden) due to Chase, who somehow let the bunny go and was not bothered by it at all. I'm so frustrated not knowing where he is coming from.
Today Kat was watching TV and he waltzed in the room and changed the channel. When I told him "no." He went off in Chinese. Mother is not dumb, he was being rude and saying mean things, and I told him to stop. He did NOT. He said something MORE. So I told him to go to his room. And HE DID NOT. He sat there. I told him 4 times and he ignored me. So I turned OFF the TV, he sat there awhile then did go to his room. I went up later in the day and he was watching TV, I went in, turned it OFF. He's such a TEEN!

When he was still in his room pouting after supper I told Baba I thought he should try to talk to Chase and apparently he didn't want to hear it, he took off out the DOOR! So we took off after him, all of us. Sadly I got overheated and since I am sick anyway (thanks for sharing your germs bro) I started having an asthma attack. With no inhaler on me. Yikes. Never a good place for me to be. Camden and Chance took off for the house as fast as they could for my inhaler, Baba had caught up with Chase by then and had him come back to where I was sitting, struggling to breathe.

When the boys got to me and my breathing calmed a bit, dad went for the van and got us all home. Once home the children, all but Miss Kitty, who must not have realized the seriousness of my breathing, sobbed. And I mean SOBBED. I had to take a breathing treatment then go around and tell them all I was okay, hold each of them and tell them to stop crying. I did feel terrible that they were so scared by my breathing.

Chase tried to tell me he was a "bad boy" but I told him "no, bad behavior." And that we still loved him. But I did tell him never take off like that again. It wasn't how I expected to resolve his sass but I think it scared him bad enough he won't:(

Add to the fact that the neighbor found that bunny at lunchtime, only for Camden to find it in the box expired at bedtime. OIY. Chalk this day up as a crappy one for sure.
Although daughter is sure to make any day better since she is such a goof. Here she is imitating the dog. Now who wouldn't laugh at that?

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