Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Heart's Burden

Have you ever seen a picture or heard a story about a child who needs a family? Have you considered adopting but it didn't work out for your family? Did you adopt and find out your child has a best friend left behind? How do our hearts handle it? We can't possibly adopt them all, can we?? Why does a few of those faces haunt us? What do we DO about it?

PRAY--- I believe God has a plan for each one of the orphans. I believe that if we are meant to adopt the child we can't get them out of our thoughts and God let's us know and everything falls into place for that to happen. It's meant to be. Look at our precious son Chase.

But I have heard His call about children that I knew in my heart God was NOT calling us to adopt, so WHAT did I need to do? Pray, care, advocate. Loving a child from afar till it's time, God's time to show them their family. You see, no one can have TOO many people love them.... it's just not possible for someone to adopt all the orphans, as much as we all wish it. It starts small and grows, which may eventually bring the world to no more orphans, but for now, there are soooo many! But if we all care about and pray, advocate, for a few, then that CAN make a difference.

God places certain children, maybe by country, maybe by needs, maybe by age, but He puts each of us in a place to "care for the orphans." And care we MUST. So if your heart is burdened, there is a reason. Do you need to pray for the child/ren? Do you want to find your child? Do you know of a child and can advocate, even offer support, or financial help to a family who CAN adopt the child of your heart? What about sponsorship of a child so they can get into a foster home? Or into a special school for their needs?

I have 5 children on my heart right now. 2 precious toddlers, a boy and a girl that have repaired spina bifida. Another child is older, healthy, a boy our kids left behind. As well as #4, a child with severe vision issues, left behind. And #5 is a girl from Kat's orphanage that is special needs. So what have I done with the children of MY heart? Prayed for them. The ones left by the teens, the children have called back and we have asked that they get paperwork done to list them for adoption. We are fairly sure neither of the boys have a file done. So we can advocate for them once a file is done. The child with vision issues we are trying to get into a school for the blind. We sponsor the girl from Kat's orphanage to keep her in foster care.

The little ones, I keep in mind, I ask people who are looking for a child, will you consider one of these precious little ones? Are they your child? So far, no, it hasn't happened for either child. So for now I love them from afar and keep the faith that their day IS coming. And I rejoice for the family that HAS found the teens' best friend, blondie boy. They are thrilled and can't wait for him to come home. It's amazing to see after advocating so long for him, feeling so burdened that he had not found his family, wondering would he ever?

I knew there was a reason I cared so much. If your heart is burdened, know that it's not for you to hurt, no, our God is not mean, he does not want us to be pained, but He does want us to take notice, to not idly sit by and ignore His call. To not give excuses why we can't adopt, sponsor, advocate, support, and PRAY. There are no excuses good enough.

There are so many things we CAN DO-- try it, do something! It will change your life. Go ahead, love away, don't protect your heart, because if you do you don't get to LOVE. And love from afar, these precious ones NEED it. It will lift you up in joy when you accept the burden to love a child in need, no matter what their future holds.

They are God's children that He calls us to care for, and I am so glad I do:) And hey, what's a few more to love even from afar for this momma of many? I accept them with JOY, that I can love them while they wait. So God knows they are cared about, they are not forgotten, they are the children of my heart.


Holly said...

I know what you mean...and that's a good way of looking at it. At least we can love them and pray for them!

Cara said...

Thank you so much. I hope you don't mind, but I posted on my blog linking to this post.

Jill said...

Thanks Vicki.

Heather BT said...

Have you heard of Bethel Foster Home for the Blind in China? that's where we adopted our daughter from. they're at They're the only foster home for blind orphans in China. They love, educated and advocate to get their kids adopted.
Drop me a line if you want more info.

Marie94 said...

Awesome post!
Robyn in WI

Kristy said...

My husband and I are seeking our daughter in China. Can you send me information on the toddler girl with the repaired spina bifida. My email is Thanks!

Cinda said...

I love your blog Vicki. My daughter has spina bifida. She turned 10 yesterday and has been home 1 year 1 week. If anyone wants more info about SB, they can email me. I LOVE proving China wrong, that these kids are very adoptable.

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt post. I have the burden for the least of these. Right now we are awaiting a decision from an agency. We've applied to their Ethiopia program. Will you join me in prayer that we be accepted. We have so much love to give one or two or three little people.

I really enjoy following your blog. Your family is beautiful.

Blessings to you.


mom2three said...

can you tell me about the little girl from Kat's orphanage?