Monday, August 2, 2010

Family memories

Uncle Roy, Aunt Junko, Dustin and Jerry were the guests of the day at our Uncle Gary's house Sunday. Our Grammy was there, she will be 98 in a few weeks.

We had a wonderful time, I loved that we started out the meal with our prayer from when we were little kids and went to our Great Aunts' house every Sunday after church for lunch. Mashed potatoes, pickles, yummy food that we shared as a family before we grew up and away. Such super memories of a time of fellowship and love.

Now Grammy's sisters (the great aunts) are gone, and the Sunday dinners are no more, but it was almost as if we were back there, saying our blessing, then telling the kids to "dig in."

The kids picked up right where they left off, with Dustin and Camden being best buddies again.
Kat tried to "baby" Jerry since he is one of the few people actually smaller than her:) She was doing her best to carry him around, even though he is a mere 3 pounds lighter than her!
They played all day, pulling each other in the wagon, hide and seek, kick ball, and they had a pinata. We had no injuries, no fights, no tears, no drama. A very pleasant day.

Miss Kitty was thrilled to have her Uncle Roy to pick her up and give big hugs to. She just adores him:)

Chloe has given me quite a few laughs. First when her big bro came in to go to the picnic with us, she came to tell me he was here. She said- "it's you Jay or Brandon, I don't know which one." She can't seem to keep them straight even though they do look different enough she should be able to:)

Then she asked me if she could have a "skinny pig." Now, I have learned to question before answering, since I have given a noncommittal, hummm, before which got me in BIG trouble. Payback for all that ignoring, I guess. So I asked- "what is a skinny pig?" She showed me about a 10 inch size, I said " it is a real pig?" And she laughs and says "of course not." Silly me. So till I finally caught on to what she was asking me I realized it was a "Guinea pig." Oh, no, no WAY. No, no and no. Final answer "no."

I'll leave you with pictures of the fun of our family day. A memory we are sure to all cherish. Isn't it amazing what one mother can do? All those generations all around her~ 5 total!!
Amazing blessings that God has touched all of our lives for sure.
Not too many redheads, that came from the other side of the family:)

BTW---29 days till school. But then--- who's counting:) Oh yeah, I AM- ha ha ha ha!


Anonymous said...
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Holly said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing! : )