Friday, August 13, 2010


And I don't mean the "other F word" in the house. I mean the FAIR. It was cooler last night, even rained a bit, which helps my breathing, so off we went. To the fair. First time for the boys to see animals up close and personal.

And to ride some rides and play a few games. So what did they think? They seemed to really like the horses, the bunnies as well. The cows, well, not so much. It was the smell, ya know? Although Chase was fascinated by a farmer shaving the cow's tail? I never saw that either so didn't have an answer for that one.

All the kids won a stuffed animal when a vendor goofed and said 1 game for $3 or 5 for $5 and we let them all play, of course. She later said "I goofed, it's 1 game for $3 or 3 games for $5 but it was my mistake so I let them all play." We thanked her, since it saved us $$ since we didn't want to spend a fortune for them each to win something little.

The smells were wonderful, so they had to eat, even after a big meal at home:( The teens each had a hot sausage sandwich, a love they share with their Baba. They also had to have cotton candy, a love they share with their mama:) They said they had cotton candy in Ch*na as well, so that was fun for them to see it here.

The boys wanted to buy some cheap necklaces, Chance has broken his already today, but they picked out friend ones, Chloe and Chance that is, and Chase got a dog tag with his name on. He wanted Chase LuFei on it but the man refused to engrave 2 names so he went with Chase.
I was happy Chloe pointed out to him a child she overheard someone call "Chase" showing him it really is a good American name. Not just his nutso parents that gave him a name that sounds like a not nice word in Ch*nese:) No wonder he was not sure with a goofy looking Baba wearing an Elmo balloon on his head. I wonder about him too:)

The teens seem to have no sense of "girl vs. boy" jewelry, I guess they wouldn't, never having had any to wear. Chance really wanted a necklace with a girl and boy kissing on it, I had to turn that down and tell him "boyfriend- girlfriend necklace" and he is not allowed a girlfriend yet. They wanted rings as well, and were looking at girl ones. I told them "no" and when we left the stand I explained they were cheap and would turn their fingers green. They were surprised to learn that but glad I didn't let them get any.

We stayed all evening and left with full bellies, happy kiddos, and no complaints. Tired and ready for bedtime:)

Today is a cooler day as well and I am scrap booking, catching up Camden and Kat's books, adding to Chase and Chance's. Taking it easy. Tomorrow is Baba's family reunion, that will be fun for all.

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