Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bad words

When Chloe first came home we had a few things we had to teach her. Firstly was we do not point with the middle finger- that's BAD. Also, that using our pointer finger was okay to do.

Funny thing is, Chloe has no idea what bad words ARE. She asked me today "what's the "F" word?" Well, I wasn't going to tell her! So she started guessing. Finger? Fries? Funny? Uhh, no.

Now we are a family that doesn't swear, I mean perfect, we are not, I have been known to let the SH-T word fly when heavily stressed and upset.
I figure God understands I have weaknesses raising the multitude of children I have but I still ask God to forgive me, and have worked hard to overcome this and use "crap" instead. Here's the issue--- Chloe has decided this is a "bad word." As well as "shut up" since I ask the kiddos to use "be quiet" which just SOUNDS nicer. So every word said even a little forcefully is now "bad" since goober Chloe figures that must be the key to what bad words are.

And she is running around telling everyone that we teach her "bad words." Can't wait to her teachers to get wind of THAT! Oh joy.
Chase is very sore today from his long walk. I am hoping he just over did it. Since the children have come home they have learned we care when they hurt, we can and will give them medicine that will make them feel better, they can get band aids and kisses, okay, maybe not the kisses:) But in learning this they go overboard and complain about the least little scratch. So I watch over them carefully when they have an issue to see if they really appear to be hurt.
He didn't give up going to the store last night with Debbie, our niece, so I count that as a good sign he is going to be okay.
Speaking of... is there anything sweeter than a baby learning to smile? Or cooing? Yes, Jaxon is starting to smile and coo. It's the cutest thing. He adores Chase who calls him "Jack' ahh son." He smiled first for him:)

Chloe and Hannah went to school today to check out their classrooms, see their homerooms. I asked for emergency forms, since it becomes a form of torture to mother to fill these out on the first day of school x SIX! And not one of the children can WAIT till the next evening--noooo way, since the teachers tell every one of them they MUST be back filled out completely by the next day or ELSE.
I've had children reduced to tears by the mere suggestion of cutting me a break and giving me an extra night to complete the tons of forms. Alas, the school is against mothers of many, they have "counted out per homeroom" the forms and refused to give me them.

Mean, they are just MEAN. Crappy, shut up, nasty, rotten people. So there, I let "it" rip. All those "bad" words. Oh no. I'm soooo BAD.


Lara said...

I'm right there with you about all the school paperwork moms of many are expected to complete! Surely this stuff could all be done online or just copied from one kid to the next? Busy moms need high-tech!

Kelly said...

I'm the mom of 4, and I'll fill out one (minus the name) scan it, print it, and add their names. I can do other things while they print, and move on..... I teach, and I hate those forms.

Kelly said...

I'm the mom of 4, and I'll fill out one (minus the name) scan it, print it, and add their names. I can do other things while they print, and move on..... I teach, and I hate those forms.

Chad said...

Speaking as an avid reader of your blog and a teacher.....

Let the teachers get over it! Take an extra night! Or better yet, fill out the forms (leaving kids name and other child specific data empty) and run it off six times. At least then you only have to write the kid names six times.

When in doubt and copying is not an option.... take an extra night. I hope I speak on behalf of all teachers :)

Patty said...

Oh I hear you on all that paperwork!!! Its such a nightmare! There are 21 teachers between my 5 kids and not only did they get all the standard office forms, they also were sent home with forms from every class with rules, supplies etc etc....that I had to fill out for each one and return the next day (or else,right!) It was a nightmare! Then we got our LOA the next day (not complaining about it!) and that caused another tidal wave of paperwork! I'm just so glad that first week is over....hoping this week is much calmer!!!