Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baba's older

You have to wonder what is wrong with you when you refer to your age in terms of "how many years we have left to adopt." Ha ha. Hubby turned 45 so we're out for Korea now, but we have more kids than allowed for there anyway. Still in the running for quite a few options. (MOM- we do not have paperwork started for another adoption--- do not call me in a panic).

Baba had a great birthday, other than he had to work today, such is life. But afterwards we had 5 of our college kids, our niece and the baby, all our crew for pizza and an ice cream cake. It was a loud and fun affair with all these kiddos.

After it was all over I decided to give Baba some quiet time and took our college crew as well as Camden, Chloe, Chase and Chance to the store. The students had a blast checking out everything. We stopped at a shoe store as well, and Chase and Chance found shoes for school. It was hard to have them trying to get them a size too big, to grow in to. Because they were going back to orphanage care where they got one pair of shoes per year, if they fall apart in a month, get too small in 6 months, too bad for them.

So I had to explain to them we do not have to buy them in the wrong size, we buy them to fit and if they need new we will buy them new, no matter if it is a month from now (although I hope not !) It reminds me of something I tend to forget at times, mainly since our children have no desire to be pitied.

That they have been hurt, mistreated in the past. Some of what we do can ease that, can heal that with our love, but in some ways they will carry that burden forever. I would guess at this point it is not something that will handicap them in their future, as well as I have gotten to know them, but will empower them. To maybe even change things for others, to get better care for orphans, or adopt children themselves. At least we hope so.

A wonderful friend reminded me today that I have to remain patient, to allow the blending of the kids to happen, as God planned, to not get annoyed when they make snotty comments that may be coming from their past hurts. That a certain measure of jealousy is going to happen when we have children who have been here longer and were born of us. It's part of the road we will travel as we grow in love with one another. As the new boys learn we love them just the same.

Funny how one person can say something and it's just what you needed to hear, you know it but it a gentle reminder of the Lord's plan and love for us, that it made me feel so much better when Chase and Camden were bickering over the TV and Chase thought I was playing favorites with Camden.
I could see the clouds rolling in on Chase's face. I was worried. Next thing I know, he tells me "Mother, me walk." Okay, he was asking to go for a walk. I knew he needed the space so I said, "Okay, go." He came back a few hours later with a sore leg, a turtle and a new attitude.

He listened when I told him I was wrong, I didn't have the whole story earlier and I was sorry.
It was so much better than last time when he refused to even listen to me, wouldn't look at me and was just plain rude. He's very much like his mother who needs time to cool off when I feel I have been "wronged". I haven't found any red in his hair, but he sure is MY son.

I do hope that every time he needs a "time out walk" we don't gain another "pet"- oh my, we may end up in big trouble:)

I had a great visit today with my cuz, we can't get together as much as we like as we live too far apart and can't manage with our kids and lives, so I was thrilled when she came in and the kids got to catch up and play while we talked and talked. Caught up on old times, commented how nosey Chloe is just like we were as kids, sitting and just being annoying as she listened in on our conversation and had to put in her 2 cents. It's funny how that is. Another generation of our families and my cuz and I who can not see each other for ages but still pick up right where we left off last time. Love ya, cuz, you are one great friend to me:) I'm so happy I have you in my life.

And yeah, 5 days till SCHOOL:) The only issue I am worried about?? Uhh, do you notice where that baby is in all the pictures?? In some one's ARMS. Guess where he likes to BE?? Yeah, they've spoiled him rotten now they will all take off and leave me with the spoiled one.

Hummmm......I think they are paying me back for singing "You're going back to school, you're going back to school, yippee, yippee, yippee YEAH.. You're going back to SCHOOL!" every day for weeks now:(

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Heather said...

Your kids just seem like great kids! Chase's pic with the baby is endearing. Love it. I hope God calls us to adopt again and adopt even older!