Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amazing Chloe

Chloe has not been home much recently, she has been working so hard to earn enough money to buy her very own net book. And she did it. Today it was ordered and will be here this coming week. She can hardly wait. She did pull kinda a fast on me, she convinced Chance to give her his money from his birthday, I'm not sure how she pulled that off, what she promised him, it's hard to tell.

Another HUGE thing she did today?

Well.......she started out the day looking like this----

and now she looks like this---

What do you think?

She donated 9 inches of that thick and gorgeous hair for people who lose their hair due to illness. I love her long hair, but knew that this really meant a lot to her, she is so caring and heard about people doing this, so she wanted to do it. And after all, it's just hair. It will grow back and FAST, her hair grows like crazy, as well as Chase's.

Speaking of, he also got a trim, his hair is growing out nicely from the buzz job he had but it was shaggy and needed trimmed up. He SAYS he wants to grow his back long to donate HIS hair, but he keeps the top short and spiked, which would mean he would have a mullet--gasp-- so out of style.

I am betting once school is in he will have changed his mind about that when he sees no one else wears that look. Honestly if he wants to though, I'd let him.

Chance, on the other hand, was mad I would not let him get a mo hawk. Nope, right up there with buzz cuts on my list of things mother will not allow. Hate 'em. Think they look totally goofy. Not going to look at my kid's head and see that.

The kids were off to you-you (swim) again today. Chloe invited her friend Hannah in to go with them. It's been nice to see my daughter, since she worked this week, then spent the night at another birthday party-- seems like all her friends and their sister has a birthday this month.

One good thing about her being so busy, English coming from the mouth of Chance. Yep, his language skill has increased so much, he can pretty much tell me what he wants or is mad about, with his limited speech and hand signals:) He told me to "yell Kat, she touch my DS, it no her DS, it mine, she touch it, no ask me, that not good, you tell her." Okay then. Got it. Funny how he is able to use the whole "he-she" better than Chloe can. She is still calling baby Jaxon, SHE.

All three of the teens have a really hard time with names, especially of places. They just seem hard for them to grasp.

This week we were given a bag of little onions and tomatoes, so the teens have been eating them RAW for breakfast. OIY. Anyone wanting a nice juicy tomato for breakfast? Goodness. I prefer the tomato for them to eat, only due to the onion breath factor:( Phewww.

Chloe thought it was hilarious when I picked up a little shirt for Kat on clearance, it is actually a 24 month size DRESS, she is so slender that it actually fits her well for a top and is cute too, but Chloe helped her get dressed today and after we went for haircuts and came home Kat complained "something" was itchy in her new top.

So dad looked to see what was bugging her and lo' and behold, there was a pair of PANTS hooked inside the "top/dress." Chloe just put the top on her, never noticed this:) So I took them off, with the offensive plastic tags that were scratching her and we laughed about it, along with how BIG the pants were, too big for a Miss Kitty tiny hiney.

Hard to imagine she's going to be 7 soon and wears some 24 month clothes! Her swimsuit is a 2T as well. Fits perfect. Just a tiny little love, don't even ask what's up with the posing, she is showing her true Diva-ness--oiy.

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rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Laughed at the pants inside the dress - your household is NEVER dull!