Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who's the maid?

Why does it always seem like the more you do for your kids the snottier they get? What's with that already? It seems the party turned our daughter into a (gasp) snot! And I mean Super Naughty Ornery Teen!

Yesterday I asked her to go out and sweep a 15 foot walkway instead of sitting and staring at me, as if I needed to provide her with summer entertainment, and her smart butt came off with "I'll go out there and just sit" and she proceeded to do just that. She was mad "no one else had to do ANYTHING" even though I was cleaning up, the boys were cleaning up and even Donovan was told to take out the garbage.

I have told the children numerous times that LIFE is not fair and "FAIR" is the "other" F word in this house and forbidden to be said. I don't want to hear it. Not with 10 kids keeping count on everything to gauge for FAIRNESS. Later when I was running the sweeper and asked Miss Snotty teen to do the dishes, and she was slamming them and I told her to "knock it off" guess what she came off with?
"WHY I HAFT TO BE YOU MAID?" WHOA--- drama queen alert--- wanna see your momma's red hair flare? Oh, just come off with something stupid about being MY MAID when I am cleaning as well. I can assure her I had no idea I had a maid but I can certainly sit AND let her do lots of things if she thinks doing dishes for about the 20th time in the 1.5 years that she had been home is "excessive." I WAS HOT!

I'm pretty sure at least some sparks were flying off my head, I was so incredibly mad at her. I sent her to her room and when she first came down and smartly said "sorry" I told her "not good enough, go back to your room", so she slammed her door. So she learned that a door is a privilege, not a right. Grrrrrrrrrr! Guess who is doing the dishes ALL WEEK too?

Her twin, Chance, not to be left out, was a snot in the morning when he woke up right next to Camden, it was so cute when I saw them asleep with their heads together. Not a sight you see often, although they are getting along a bit better. So when Chance realized he was right next to Camden he pushed him away rudely.

So I told him I was treating him just like he treats Camden to show him how it feels. Let's just say --he's no dummy, he caught on really quick that being ignored when speaking, not being shared with is not so much fun when it's being done to HIM. I also told him they are brothers for life now, he might as well get used to each other:) No one's going to go away or disappear here:)

Other than my annoyance with twins, it was not a bad day, it's par for the course with having teens. Although I wasn't thrilled with Chloe's behavior, it is pretty typical for a teen girl, I know I have jumped to conclusions before when my kiddos were acting up but this really didn't upset me, it angered me, yes, it was uncalled for behavior, yes, but it's also just a regular teen snit fit.

I have often said boys are so much easier than girls to raise and God knew what He was doing when I was blessed with 8 sons compared to 3 daughters-some people are great with all that girly drama, I am more of a no nonsense momma so I do not.

On another note, I think our new kitten thinks she is a dog! She's a ton of fun, the kids just love her playfulness and I love not worrying if they are being bitten by a dog. She'll scratch and they let go, a perfect solution. Today the kitten tried to go outside with the dog to potty?

And Oreo Cookie (the kitten) lays in the kennel (door open) with the dog and when dad tried to move her(to shut the door for the night) the dog growled at him! So apparently the dog thinks the kitten is a dog too!

Crazy animals, doesn't it look like my dog is smiling? I guess they fit right in our goofy household:)


Nancy said...

You have a lot more patience and understanding than I do, dear Vickie. Keep up the good work. Some day you will be rewarded with grandchildren, and they are the BEST.

Sue said...

thank you so much for sharing your day to day with 3 teenagers and some of the things I could expect when we bring our teenage daughter home.

Dawn said...

Can you come to my house and tutor me on how to deal with snotty teens? I take it all too seriously and I can not think of how to handle it best...you need to come up with a post to help me!~no , really the hundreds of me's out there...

Holly said...

I suppose there have to be days like that so that we can really look forward to heaven! It helps me to remember when my kids are snotty how good God is to forgive us. Love you, friend!

Anonymous said...
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