Friday, July 9, 2010

Where's all my kids?

Our teacher friend was kind enough to offer to take the boys yesterday:) As this is Chloe's friend's mom, Brenda and we have been to their house often, I knew the boys would be fine going with her. Camden went as well, they went to swim and have lessons as well. Miss Kitty stayed with me and we had a nice quiet day together.

Chloe went with Brenda's other daughter to help her babysit. She was thrilled to get this opportunity since she is a money hungry teen. I mean, she wants a net book and wants to earn money:) The brothers were quite jealous and didn't understand why SHE can have a job and not them. Yeah, yeah. Get over it already-- life isn't fair.

Along with everything else, they are doing just what Chloe did. Watching to see if everything is "fair". I just LOVE (not) when they pull this. Why does Chloe have 2 scrapbooks and us only one? Why does Camden have this or that and they don't?

Teacher Brenda is making great progress with the boys, they are now required to ask mother for anything they want from the kitchen. This was to improve their English skills, and to spare my kitchen their 24 hour presence and unending eating.

We named them correctly in Ch*na, Eating Machine #1 and #2. They have done some serious damage to the groceries around here. It had becoming a free-for-all with them downing everything in sight, and I mean everything in sight, although it is mainly healthy stuff.

So when teacher told them they must ask in English, this has given me 2 things.

1.Children learning to use their English. Yeah!!
2.Reign on my kitchen. DOUBLE yeah!

It's quite obvious they are eating out of boredom at times. Not any real hunger. Even Chloe is still prone to this, she ate supper and ate well, then wanted noodles, I told her to eat some of the cantaloupe from supper, nope, she didn't want that. So I told her she must not really be hungry.

It's a fine line to feel they understand there is always food here, wanting them to eat if they really are hungry, knowing they went without food often in the past. But we have been able to show them there is always food here, regular meals and I always cook supper, and no food is allowed past the dining room doorway so we do not have any issues of hoarding.

We actually have more trouble out of Donovan than anyone about that. My wonderful, nearly 16 year old son has a locked box in his room that he tries to keep "snacks" for when he doesn't like my food. This kid, who is 224 lbs and told someone we didn't have food in the house for, like, a whole year. Can you tell he is starved? Not unless he is like 8 feet tall, which he is not. Drama king.

Chloe went to her babysitting job and asked "so where's the baby?" The "kids" were 6 and 9:) She said "why it not called "kid sitting, they not baby." Oops on her.

Don't ya just love Chance's hair after a long day of "you-you-ing?" (Swimming) We teased him and said he was a Chase-wanna-be, which Chase got a good laugh from that.

It's wicked hot here again today so we are off to you- you aka swim yet again, and visit my 97 year old Grammy.


Krista said...

I think Min kids all have a hollow leg or something. Mine can eat and eat, and I just don't know where it goes in her slender 40 lb body! We can have dinner and then 30 minutes later, she will ask "Did we have dinner?" Uh yeah, that big meal you just had? That was it! Good thing is, she will eat veggies, fruits, and all sorts of good foods. :)

Holly said...

Sounds like great strides going on over there! So happy to read your posts...: )

Anonymous said...
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