Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stink kids

I believe the kids came up with a plan to punish me for letting the noodles run out. They ate garlic 2 days in a row, straight garlic cloves, for lunch. Now the 3 teens STINK of garlic. It's downright embarrassing, and possibly dangerous.
Little baby Jaxon came over and was lying on the bed, they adore him and crowd all around him. He actually got a whiff of them and got this huge grimace on his face. I told them to back off so they didn't harm him with garlic breath. Yikes.

The teen trio also figured out mother can't stand the smell of garlic so they decided to KISS mother, repeatedly, and although I love them dearly I wanted to barf. They thought this was even more amusing and smothered me in kisses.

I took them to Vacation Bible school and left them with their poor teacher, apologizing for their, uhhumm, odor. I am doing the crafts this year, I was supposed to float around and help but it ended up that no craft leader was there so I am doing it. I did NOT come up with the crafts so I am wondering if whoever did is going for the messiest ideas of all times. I mean on a scale of one to ten we are at a 4 and getting higher each night.

I'm worried by Friday, the last night, we may have kids wrestling in jello at craft time! The first night we did ID cards. Not too bad just some fingerprint stamp on them. Last night we did plants in a cup with foam stickers on the outside of the cups. I "planted" the plants, so that didn't make the mess, just 100 kids running around with half full cups of dirt??? I know tonight is Modge Podge, on mugs, some more messy fun and I didn't even ASK what is tomorrow night. I may not want to know.

The kids are having a ball, even Chase, who I offered to help me instead of going to class and he said "yes" at first then he saw flowers and he said "flowers, no, no thank you. Bye." And he was gone, the traitor. The teacher has been super for the boys, they went to the trouble of printing out the lesson in CHINESE for the boys! Is that cool or what? We have a super church family.

Chloe was learning her Bible verse the first night, we were in the van coming home. I didn't know why she was asking what "knit" meant and I gave her this meaning "like making a sweater with yarn." She remained puzzled looking at me till she told me she wanted to tell me her memorized verse. And it was "He KNIT me in my mother's womb."
Oh dear. Can't you just see where her brain went? Knitting a sweater in my mother's belly...hummm. Not sure what good that "sweater" did her but we got a good laugh out of it when I told her teacher what happened:)

We have Jaxon for the first time today, he is doing great, mommy was unable to leave him and took a few extra days off:) He likes noise, so he does just fine here.
Sleeping away.

I do need to pick some brains of my dear followers again, so someone tell me please- what is the "cabbage in a jar of water" and let sit till?? rotted? dead? what? as something to eat? The kids are wanting to do this and I have never heard of it, is it safe?
Tomorrow is a BIG day around here, any guesses???


Family said...

I love VBS, ours is coming up soon. I am the first to say I would never want the craft job..too messy and much much work! How cool they printed out the lessons in Chinese!

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

I think the kids are talking about pickled cabbage ... do you know what kimchee is? Korean dish with garlic and pepper paste in it...easy and fun to make.

Desiree' said...

Yes, it is Kimchee, horrid stuff in my opinion but my girls love it!!

Cayle said...

kimcheee is def. what there talking about. The smell and taste is horrid to me. haha but I am sure they will love it.

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah that's totally Kimchee. Don't worry, you can buy it in an Asian market. No need for jars of rotten cabbage lying around the house. Ha! They might like sauerkraut. CG loves it. She still says that she ate "lettuce and rice" in China.

molly said...

There's a Chinese version of kimchee called Chinese pickled cabbage (boring name, eh? :) ) that's not as "aromatic" as kimchee. It's called "jiang cai" in Mandarin. You can make your own here:

I sometimes slice a cucumber and cover it with white or apple cider vinegar with a bit of chopped garlic/ginger- let it sit for a couple days in the fridge; that's good too. Serve it with congee (boil a handful of rice in ~3 cups of water for 30 minutes or so until the rice begins to fall apart. Mash w/ potato masher until it has the consistency of thin porridge) and a fried egg... yum! Still one of my fav breakfast foods.

Don't know if you have any Chinese grocery stores in your area, but you can definitely get a lot of stuff online. Just google "Chinese food online". Here's one to start you off:

Do you have a 99 Ranch market in your area?