Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Special Visit

The kids were all excited yesterday when they got word that a friend of theirs, from their orphanage was coming to visit us. He is from Washington State but was vacationing in Washington DC, not too far from us and his parents were kind enough to go out of their way to visit us.

Our kids were amazed at how grown Gabe is. I guess for them they continue to think of each child as they were when they last saw them. He wasn't a little guy needing watched over anymore. The kids were just thrilled to see him and although he was bashful and Chloe is shy, they managed to get some time talking and just taking each other in.

I am sure for our boys it was great to see a child that had come full circle, come to America to have a family, learn English, be loved and very obviously comfortable within his family. (Gabe is beside Chloe in the first picture:)

For Gabe to meet up with the others who shared his life beginning and them ALL be home in America within families and knowing more of their friends and "brothers" are to come here soon, now that's wonderful as well. You can tell the joy our children have when I get to show them a picture of another child they know and say "coming to America- or already in America!"

To actually see Gabe in person though, that was really, really special. Our families share a special bond with this family and others, through our children. It is so important to the kids to see their former playmates and friends and realize they all "made it." They got families that love them and accept them.

I posted pictures of them many years ago, and then now. All but Chase, he was not in the original pictures, but you can see the differences in all of them, and I don't mean just their physical growth. Look at their faces. You can see their peace, their joy.
Camden chose to opt out of the sibling pic, he didn't want you all to see his "black" eye, I told him "oops, too late, that was the last blog post." To which he exclaimed "oh man, now the WHOLE world has seen it, MOM!"

Thank you Gabe and family, we feel so blessed that you all took the time to come on over and as Gabe's mom said "it's amazing to see what God has done when you look at the three of them together now." Yeah. I still do it. Just look at them and feel awe struck by our God and His power. Them being together only happened by His Hand and there's no other way to explain it. Seeing them together in person is one amazing sight for any Christian.

As I am still working on my USA tour of the sibs (just joking MOM) we are very thankful for the special time we had yesterday and until we meet again, our kiddos say "see ya Gabe, we are very happy to see you." To Rhonda I say "thank you so much for coming and I am still jealous- Gabe eats CHEESE." Jealous I tell ya!


Holly said...

That is just so great that they got to have that special reunion. Makes my heart smile. : )

Family said...

I can't wait until we get to come see you with a special friend of your kids!

Anonymous said...
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