Monday, July 5, 2010

Red Rover is over

Does anyone know where the stupid game of Red Rover came from? I guess it doesn't really matter since the kiddos are now banned from playing it.

The gist of it is to get into 2 lines, hold hands and "call" someone to come over from the other line. They, in turn attempt at full speed to "break" through the line to return to their line. If they do not they must join the line they could not break into.'s the result of Camden trying to "come over", Chase stopping him and heads were banged together--yeah, that eye! I told him women pay a lot of money to get that gorgeous color of eye shadow but he wasn't amused by me?

Since I already asked one question, I'll throw another at ya, just why DO we call a "black eye" BLACK? Chloe would like an explanation for that, if you will? My shrug of shoulders didn't quite cut it for her.

For now, the children can all sit quietly and play games like Uno and Apples to Apples. And Camden will heal.

Not his first or probably his last-- black eye. Or should I say purple, blue, red, swollen, miserable looking eye. Can't you just feel his pain?

My mother stopped by to visit and I mentioned Miss Kitty's whining and Diva- like attitudes. Her advice? She's the littlest one and she needs someone close to her age to play with.

Well, I looked at her like she had sat on my couch and grown another head. Then I said "uh, mom, I think we are done adopting- really."

I guess you know you have adoption of the brain or something when you immediately go there, since she looked at me and said "I meant a little friend for her to play with, I didn't mean you had to adopt another child!" Oops.

Hey, I never say never. I've learned better than that:) Just hoping God sees my plate as FULL, as I sure do!


Mandolynn said...

When I was a little girl (40 some years ago), our Sunday school teacher refused to let us play Red Rover because she said that when SHE was a little girl (40 some years before that!) a child at her school was fatally injured playing that game. She said an elbow to the abdomen had caused some internal damage that, in those days, was not detected until too late. Although it has the faint scent of "urban legend", I suppose that just the right kind of hit to just the right spot could be serious. Personally, I would never play it because I didn't think it was very fun. But then, I wasn't very athletic and could never break through the line. So sour grapes to me, I guess.

Heather said...

Wow! Now THAT'S a shiner!

Holly said...

I have ALWAYS hated that game. As a little girl I hated it, and now as a mom I hate it. Who came up with such a stupid idea?????