Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pure Joy

Wanna see how some kids have fun on a rainy day? Here it is:)

Yep, it was down pouring and Chloe and Chance wanted to know, could they? Go outside and "shower?" It wasn't lightening and Chloe has told me numerous times she did this in Ch*na so why not give them a piece of their past? They introduced this form of fun to Camden as well as Kat. Chase was fine to stay in the house laughing at them with mama as I snapped pictures from the window.

You know how YOU can spread this joy and fun? Wellllll....... we have 2 families that we are close to, as they have adopted older girls, and it gives us a bond as we plow through the fun and the hard times supporting one another as we lean on God following the road He led us to.

Both of these wonderful families are doing just what we did. Going BACK. For a brother, a bonded child of their girls. Now they aren't bio, like our kids, but does that really matter? Does blood make these children any less our sons and daughters?? Nope, not a bit.

As well as the fact, that these children love one another. Deeply. They become attached as the "siblings" they are, within the orphanage. Or foster care. And although not every family is able to go back for every "sibling" these families have been called and has answered the call. Older boys, both of them, with little hope of getting a family but now they do, they have families.

They just have to overcome the mountains that we all KNOW are but ant hills for God. The fact that fees have to be paid. Travel has to occur to get these boys home.

Will you please, for us, for these wonderful children, in honor of our kids, your kids, your mother, your father, your sister, anyone who has touched your life in adoption hop on over to these blogs and give what God calls you to give. Even if it's prayer for them, it all counts to get these boys home. Playing in the rain, like our kids today, so many people helped make this happen for our children, hope each of you that did can feel the joy of our children being loved and home forever. Keep that warm fuzzy feeling going, won't you please?



Both families are running fundraisers right now, so you might even win a super neat gift for helping these families. I personally do not advocate for the families to be entered in their drawings, I ask that they do not enter me since I see this as a way to give back to all that helped US:) It isn't forgotten, nor will it ever be.

Oh joy, 2 more boys coming home. My heart is so happy for them, can't you just SEE God smiling down at our kids today, as the boys coming home are sleeping in Ch*na and He knows they will be playing in the rain as well, carefree and loved within their own family.
Just as He planned--WOW-- Our God is so awesome!


Patty said...

Vickie! Thank you for encouraging me today and posting my site! We've got a mountain to climb but it will be ok.........God is in control!!!

Kelly said...

If it makes you feel any better, my kids were born in Seattle, and now we live in SC. They still go out and play in the rain if it isn't thundering. That was the only way kids in Seattle got outside in the spring and fall. I love how you advocate for others.

妍妮妍妮 said...
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Holly said...

Love the pictures, and love more kids finding forever families!!!