Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Party

Wow--- was their party FUN! They really had no idea till I lowered the signs their friends had made and said "guess what? This party is really for YOU!" They were a tad embarrassed, they were falling back on the old "make no fuss about self or it's terrible shame" Chinese cultural thing when we told them in America birthdays are FOR making a fuss:)

A good fuss. They blew out their candles of their cakes, don't worry (cousin Debbie) Chance still loves you even though you dropped his cake and it looked like a bomb hit it:) I told ya I was gonna blog it!

They had a pinata they enjoyed, then came the gifts. They were embarrassed again, but I think it helped there were the two of them. They opened and thanked people quite nicely. We had them open everything then covered all 3 of their eyes and brought out the crazy skateboard for her and bikes for the boys. Let's just say they were SHOCKED-- a GOOD shocked. So happy, all 3 of them. Mouths hanging open happy. They hid their faces so I didn't get any good pictures except Chloe hugging her Baba, a rare thing!

I asked her later if it was her "best day ever" then said "well, behind getting your brothers" and she said "no, 3 best day, 1 you adopt-ahh me, 2 we get they (the brothers) 3, this." Isn't that so sweet. She sure can be a moody pickle of a girl, but she was very open about how happy she was, she told me later at home "thanks mom" not the usual "Thank you Mother", the standard teen snotty required thanks.

She also asked me how we "cheat-ahh her" meaning Miss Nosey wanted to know how we pulled a surprise party over on her. Wasn't easy, that's for sure. I did have to explain we told little fibs about the party day and who the party was for, and that didn't hurt anyone, it was for them to get a good surprise. Don't want her fibbing and saying it was for MY good, to not be upset with her, I can just SEE her trying that.

Chance was just enjoying all the fun, he gets embarrassed like Chloe but he is also more outgoing than her so he can easily get over it when it's something as fun as a party for HIM:) He's such a sweetie. He has some money now, I asked what he was going to buy with it, he said "gum." Okay then.

His only request for his birthday? A picture of Hannah's (Chloe's BFF) brother, Fox. He and Chance are buddies now, and all he wanted was a picture of his new best friend. And he got one, it's even framed:)

Isn't it hilarious how you can SEE their twin bond? I am totally guessing, of course, but I think even though Chloe is more shy than Chance, if I were a betting woman I put money down that Chloe was born first. Can you see her bossing her bro?

She does it to Chase too, she told him to hold something and he just did it. I asked him "she always tell you what to do like that?" He told me "yes, Mother, even little, she rraaaarrr, rrrarrr, raarrrr, him." I kinda thought so.

We are glad they were surprised, had a good time and can celebrate their birthdays together from now on.

Just a side note for those of you adopting older. We got Chance's Certificate of Citizenship early on. Not Chase's. I waited. This past week I got "the letter." That is a letter from H*meland Secur*ty out of NY stating as he was "14" when we entered the USA he had to "appear" to be sworn in.

We arrived May 14th in Washington DC and his paperwork date was May 22. So I sent back a "not so nicely" worded letter as well as copies of his documents with the date on them and stated he was NOT 14 when we entered the USA and therefore his certificate should be sent to him via mail. I said "not so nicely" since I pointed out to them we had adopted 3 teens now, close to age 14 and of the 3 only one time did they send the certificate like they were supposed to, two times now I have gotten a letter in error, that the child had to "appear."

Let's hope it appears in the mail this week.


Jennifer said...

"Rarr rarr rarr" Ha! I love it. It must be another Xinyang girl thing. Happy Birthday Min kids!

Anonymous said...

Judge not a book by its cover.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Holly said...

Wonderful!!! : ) : )

Kelly said...

I love the picture of your son with his hand on his mouth - he's obviously thrilled, but trying to be proper and finding it difficult. I really appreciate the honesty you use in sharing about older child adoption.