Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Life

No, I didn't take the kids and run off to join the circus.(MOM) I watched an amazing thing happen today. A precious baby boy entered this world at 5:32 pm today.

Mr. Jaxon is the son of our niece (another "child of ours" who lives next door to us) and since my niece doesn't have her parents in her life we are next best thing. So I'm claiming him as a grandson since all of my "kids" claim to never be having children:( Even if I am not quite old enough to be her mom:)

Jaxon was 7 lbs 4 oz. and 19 inches long. He has gorgeous black hair and dark eyes. He is going to be one spoiled baby since as of next week when his mommy goes back to full time school, we will be babysitting:) The kids can't WAIT to get their hands on him.

We were discussing Jaxon and his mommy staying the night in the hospital, all of this being very new and unknown to our Chinese kids. It breaks my heart to hear Chloe say she was very, very sick and had to go to the "small doctor place" (doctor's office) instead of the "big doctor place "hospital" because of money. But that was life for them. Babies, dying people do not get treated unless money is upfront given in Ch*na. There is no free care, care no matter what you earn, or no matter who you are.
We Christians need to be in prayer for these people, who have no choice to watch a loved one die, or a leave a baby with a medical need that can't be afforded, f0r their world to change and for hearts to open up and realize all life is important.
That, as I explain to Chloe, Chance and Chase, every life counts. A disabled person may be able to use their hands and work at a desk to do paperwork and give orphans families. No one is less than another.

I'm off to bed to say my prayers of concern for others as well as thanks, for the life I witnessed born today. Who knows what his lifetime will bring us. I am so thankful to have been part of this wonderful event. Welcome to the world Jaxon, it's more special now, 'cause you're in it:)

Oh and BTW, Chloe informed me I am not a "nut." I asked her how she knew this? "Because I'm not brown, nor do I have 2 circle like thingys in my inside." (think unshelled peanut) So there. Straight from Chloe's mouth. I guess it's a good thing I don't tan or she might just change her mind?


Dawn said...

So happy for you Grandma! I love this's wonderful how a new life brings so many changes to the hearts of all who love them. And draws us closer to Him the giver of all life and love!

Suzanne said...

Your posts always make me smile and certainly put things into perspective for me. I can't imagine a child not having their parents in their life, no matter their age. Thankfully, God has made sure your niece has your family in her life.

I also enjoying hearing from you how your older Chinese kids describe life in China. I want to be able to explain things as best I can to my daughter as she gets older and find their perspectives to be very helpful.

Congratulations to your family on the little one. All life should be a cause for celebration!

Andi68 said...

Congrats to Debbi! He is on cute baby.

Family said...

Congrats!!! What a precious gift and reminder of how blessed we are in this country