Friday, July 2, 2010


The word of the Day. And it's me. I told hubby that no one should have nausea, there is no purpose to it except to know that you are pregnant and things are going well. (meaning the hormones showing a pregnancy is going well cause you to be nauseated)

Since I am totally sure I am NOT expecting (do not call me mom) I was not too happy to have this affliction today.
As none of us can be sure to get Chase out of the bathroom when someone needs in, no matter how urgent the need-- I mean how urgent could it be that he needs to look at his face for the 90th time that day?
So a bowl at my side, crackers and tea and the kids were eyeing me up to see if I was mad at them or ill. Funny how they have to know what's up and then they do try to do anything they can to make me more comfortable. Sweeties:)

They must learn this from their father, this man comes home, realizes that I can not handle supper, not even the smell of someone else making it and off he goes with the kids. Returns with my tried and true cure- wonton soup.
Fed kids and as I was sleeping when they got in-off he went with them for a bike ride to keep the house quiet. Not too many dudes want to do that after working all day- but there he is. My very own Super MAN:)

I did have to unglue the twins from beside my chair, the constant bumping into me as they can not sit still for anything was making me even more nauseated. The "other man" in my life who also worried himself today- my doggie Tommy. He won't leave my side. And he sits still:)

Now Chase and Chloe are arguing how her name is pronounced, she claims he is leaving out the "e" sound when he says it although it sounds the same to me? I asked if that was like Henan sounding like Hunan and Hunan sounding like Hunan- since they sound the same to me but the kids swear to me that they are "nowhere NEAR the same sound." Yeah, right, whatever.

Mother's brain is not up to this so for today- they WIN.


Holly said...

Poor Vickie. Feel better SOON!!

Dawn said...

Awww, sorry you are sick.. wonton is my favorite too... at least hubby and doggy are a help!

Heather BT said...

Try dramamine for days like this, not that I hope you ever need it, but just in case.

Leventhal Family said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Nothing fun about matter the reason! Way to step in SUPER DAD!!!