Saturday, July 17, 2010

The kids meet Jaxon

I took the kids to meet Jaxon. The older ones assured me they had held Chinese babies often, even so I wouldn't allow them to walk around the room with him in their arms. Grannie can't handle that on her one nerve left.
Camden was pretty emotional. It was obvious Jaxon's birth has brought back memories of our dear baby Tristan. If you haven't known us long Tristan was a super special foster baby we got when he was 5 lbs and 4 weeks old that was not supposed to live with his severe birth defect.
Wellllll..... that precious little man blessed our lives for 9 months and 12 days:) His life was short, for him it was painful, but we taught him love and he gave us love and so much more. Having him pass away was hard, so hard but it was meant to be. God needed His baby back. Almost 2 years now, he has been gone but he lives forever in our hearts. He is my 11th child.

Camden is so happy Jaxon is healthy, that we will be able to see him grow. Chloe wanted to know why Jaxon wasn't brown like them:) Apparently everyone is supposed to be brown? Those kids crack me up. Chance was so eager to hold Jaxon and make sure I knew he was capable of holding him correctly:)

Chase was angry with me yesterday. He must be bored or something because he decided to YELL-- and I mean YELL everything he was saying yesterday. Not mean, just thinking it was funny?? I was soooo not amused as my dog ran for cover, Miss Kitty was in tears and needed reassured she had done nothing wrong and I lit into the boy. I said "Knock it OFF!" "Cause I KNOW he knows what that means. Man, to have a conversation minus any translation would be sooooo nice about now? Frustrating.

Anyway, after we went to the hospital we stopped to get some groceries (anyone noticing a re-occurring theme in my life- groceries, groceries, shopping for groceries??) and as we left Chloe asked what the lottery machine was. I told her put in money to try to win "jackpot" and she said "let's try" since some guy was doing it. My response?

"We don't need to play that-we already hit the jackpot, we got YOU!" To which the guy at the machine chuckled. I'm not sure if that was out of pity or joy--- I'll let you all decide:)


Jill said...

LOL! Love it!
(and Jaxon is just PRECIOUS!)

盈廖生家秀蔡 said...
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Holly said...

Precious baby...Congratulations, "Grandma!" :)

Holly said...

By the way, Vickie, if you would like to read some updates about our Sarah, I have a blog now!