Thursday, July 1, 2010

High maintenance girl

If it's not one it's another. Miss Kitty started with "issues" yesterday. First Camden and Chance wouldn't stay out of her room. She didn't get to go on the slip-n- slide at church, it was too cold.

Then she was mad she couldn't find a "dress" to sleep in (nightgown) so she put on long pants and shirt. Then she covered up with her blanket and declared she was HOT.
And she fussed and she whined and she cried.

Up until midnight! I was so not amused by her. It was one of the few 50 degree nights we have had recently and was perfect sleeping weather. Ahhhh.

I can't imagine who the sorry fellow will be that marries that girl, I'm gonna warn him how high maintenance she can be, for sure.

Chloe went to Hannah's and spent the night. The boys have been amazingly quiet and well behaved. It's funny how you take one away from their threesome and they are so different. Hummmm...

Camden was trying to learn a song that Chance sings all the time in Chinese, and they told him to "stop" making him feel bad. So I told Chance and Chase to "stop". That got me the "sorry mother, sorry, it's okay??"

I was glad to know the "watermelon rind on face" wasn't Chloe joking on Camden, they certainly do that enough and it creates issues. Interesting belief. Is that kinda like a cucumber mask?

We're off to pick up Chloe and let the kids run all over the farm so they are good and tired tonight:)
Sleep, Miss Kitty aka the Diva will sleep tonight:)
Isn't it funny how perky and happy a kid can look who kept you up half the night?
Where's the fairness in that one??


Grandma Shelley said...

Love your posts, Vickie. You sure do have interesting days, don't you? Keep up the good work, Mother Vickie!

Lori Lynn said...

Maybe it's time to stock up on some nightgowns. It's nice to read about Kat. My little Qinzhou girl can also be a challenge, but she's so darn cute and sweet that I cannot refuse her much at all.

Nancy said...

I wouldn't warn anyone about Kat's high maintenance. She will be living with you forever if you do.

Joy said...

Our daughter, adopted a few days before 14, has told me about the watermelon on the face thing. I haven't seen her do it yet. :-)

mom2joy said...

Well, cucumbers and watermelon are from the same family, so maybe there is something to the whole "good for your face thing". I really, really enjoy your blog. It is its own reality TV!!

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

毅筠毅筠 said...
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