Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Feeling better just in time to PAR-TAY:)

We had a party to attend last night with people from our church which ended in the highlight of the evening- the local town's firework display.

I took a pasta salad, love,love, love this, it's sooo easy.

Any color peppers
1 box of colored pasta, any shape, cooked and cooled
pepperoni slices
cheese cubes
cherry tomatoes
cucumber slices
1 large bottle of Italian salad dressing

Mix everything but the salad dressing in a big bowl & keep in fridge at least 1/2 hr. Right before you leave mix in the whole bottle of dressing. DONE. That's it. It's delish. Even the kids eat it.

I'm glad the nausea has passed and I feel human again. The kids were totally bored since they sat around watching me moan:( Not much fun in that.)

They enjoyed a few games at the party, ate tons of food, and then the fireworks started. Miss Kitty flipped out, she came running to dad as she hates the big booms. I got her to start taking some pictures of the pretty fireworks and this distracted her from the "booms" so she eventually forgot all about being scared:)

Today makes 2 months since we met our sons. Can you believe it? In many ways they are doing wonderful. Learning, learning. Chase gets up every morning even if dad goes in to work early, he will get up and make us tea, it's there on the counter when you go to the kitchen. He makes it and goes back to bed. No matter what time dad goes or I get up, there's the tea:)

They both want to please us and are working hard on their English. Chloe is learning more and more about being a daughter, that when mother talks to her and it's something she doesn't want to hear, mother is not YELLING at her. She shuts down. Doesn't want to face it.

I never dreamed I would have a kid that didn't KNOW when I was YELLING at them. Common' now, I'm a red head. I can YELL. Chloe doesn't really know what it is to have a mother. I share with you now, after much pain, she JUST recently started calling me "mom". You read that right.

She has done everything humanly possible to keep from calling me "mom." And it HURT. But I knew something blocked her from calling me that and she needed to get over it in her own time. I gently pushed a few times over the past 16 months, but nope, wasn't happening on any regular basis. But the boys came and immediately called me "mom" transferring their relationship from a caregiver to me. And she got jealous.

I mean, she WAS here first. And she WAS more settled and (in their minds ONLY) MORE important to us, right? So after a few weeks of the "mom, mom, mother this and mother that, and they get immediate responses since they are calling me by the name I answer most to, and lo' and behold, it came out of her mouth. "MOM."

Praise God. I was thrilled:) Now I can't tell the difference between her and Chance yelling "MOM!"

Tomorrow we are off to swim and another party. Celebrating like crazy that we are Americans, we are FREE, to worship our God, to live as we wish, to adopt children and give them this life, to teach them about the amazing Father they have that gave them life and led us to them to give them family.

Yep, proud as can be to be called AMERICANS!


Sammie said...

Thanks for posting so often so we can follow along with your amazing journey of reuniting this sibling group and of the challenges and the joys of parenting older kids. You are doing the right things giving them the time they need to let you become there Mom. I loved the story of the wait for Chole to be able to call you Mom.

Being an adoptive parent is challenging but so rewarding when we can have the patience and understanding that our kids need to help them grow and learn to be part of a family. Big high 5 to your for having that patience and understanding, you and all your kids are benefiting from it.

Holly said...

Praise the Lord for that huge milestone! I can only imagine how great that must feel for ALL your kids calling you mom. And how hard of a year it must have been waiting for Chloe to feel comfortable saying it. It's sure not about us, is it? We would love those buggers no matter what! That's what being a mom is--no matter if they call us that or not. : ) So glad you are feeling better!

Kelly said...

The tea reminds of the son in the Good Earth by Pearl S Buck. He had to make tea every morning for his father, until he got a wife, then it was her job.
Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy reading about your journey.