Saturday, July 31, 2010

Go Shopping

The kiddos love to go shopping. Even the boys say "Go shopping? Go, go, go!" Since school is only 31 days away, I thought I better get on the ball. Ha ha! Just trying to kid myself it's coming sooner, like some kids who go back to school on August 9th? Where is that happening? I am sooo moving there!

Anyway, my niece wanted to get baby's pictures so we loaded everyone up early today and off we went. Yeah, you got it- ALL of them. I told them- do not whine, or you never go again. Everyone was actually really well behaved except Chance, the master of pouting. He decided he wanted skinny leg jeans I guess since he saw how hard it was to find Chase some he liked.

When I told him they would be almost impossible to find and he tried on one pair that said it was "skinny leg" only to find they were miles too big in the waist but he wanted them anyway. When I said "no," the pout was on. He refused to look at anything else, till we left that store. I told him, "fine, now you will be one that I do not bring again and you will be stuck wearing whatever I pick you or go naked." Doesn't matter to me.

He told Chloe I was picking "ugly clothes." Poor baby. I even tried the "this stuff is all made in China, American boys wear these" ploys (no calls mom) to try to get them to budge on the leg width, I mean, come on, I'm not asking them to wear stuff that falls off them in sloppy style, I can't stand that.

I think I did really well with the budget, I got brand new, for $200 total- 4 backpacks, 4 belts, an outfit for Miss Kitty, 2 pair pants and 1 shirt for Chloe, 3 shirts and a pair of shorts for Camden, 3 pair of jeans and 2 shirts for Chance, 2 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans for Donovan, 4 pairs of jeans and 1 shirt for Chase and 1 shirt for oldest son, Derrik.

We are on a tight budget for me to stay home with the kids but even if we weren't I am a momma that can't stand to overspend on anything. So I got 31 items for $200. Name brand stuff:) and was thrilled with our "take" for the day.
Chloe, Kat and Camden did really well understanding the boys needed the most because they have the least. Not an easy task to cover their skinny hineys:) Chase wears about a boys 12 in the waist but needs at least a boys 18 for his height, Chance wears about a boys 8 in the waist but 12 for length, so you can see the issue!
Chloe is wearing a girl size 12 and it's easy to find skinny leg pants for her. She still needs a belt or the adjustable waist though, since she is about a 10 in waist size.

We had lunch at the kids' all time fave Chinese restaurant, there were kisses and "thank you mother" all around when I said we could go there to eat. It's a huge buffet and Chloe informed me after she got an unbelievably huge plateful of food that it was "the only food that filled her up completely, no Americk food can do that." Well then. It was funny that she had to take a break to go the WC to finish her food and go for dessert, of course.

The baby got his pictures taken, he did really well and looked adorable, of course. He was fussing some by the end of our trip, so I was holding him and checking out as all the kids were hanging around me, the cashier looked at me and said "wow, you have a lot of kids, you must be a saint!" Ha Ha, no sainthood here. I did break it to her that I only had half the clan with me. Poor thing looked a little shell shocked.
We got home and momma was spent. Broke and tired. A good day of school clothes shopping.
Look, look free-to-me pictures of Chloe! Amazing how the trade off for "go shopping? "Give up free pictures to mother and smile doing it." WORKS! (Honestly mom- do not call me, you TAUGHT me this)
BTW...... Chris are you spying on me? How did you know I pretend not to understand them when the tattling starts, or won't end, heck, I pretend not to understand/hear the English speaking ones when they start that or are whining. I am soooo busted:)


Family said...

You are amazing if you got all those clothes for $200 - wish we lived closer and you could take me to where you shop:)
We just bought mandatory school supplies for three kids and it was $115 (without backbacks!)

Mom2Four said...

Move to FL - our school district starts on Aug 9th!! Our kids are staring on Aug 2nd though - we homeschool!

Kristy said...

Are you kidding? Your kids still have 31 days of summer break??? I will trade with you - our school starts on August 9 in KY!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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