Sunday, July 11, 2010

The gift of friendship

Yesterday had to have to been the prettiest day by far of this whole summer:) We traveled to Pine Ridge Park in Pennsylvania, a half way point for us and Shai's family. Shai was in our adoption group for the boys and is very close friends with Chloe.

It was a delight to see the children take up just where we left off, in Beijing when we sadly parted ways with their family. It was so hard for the girls to part, but we promised them we would get together again and this was the day!

They quickly demolished a bunch of fruit, snacks, and shelled peanuts while they got each other up to speed on their lives:)

Chance wanted to help with the chicken, adding so much spice and salt none of us non-Chinese could eat it:) Hey, more for them... I am sure that's what THEY were saying. Too bad for us who didn't pay attention while we got each other up to speed on our kiddos lives and realized he was out of control with the seasoning:(

You can just see how much he loves to help and yet how incredibly ornery he is:) I sure do love him.
He reminds me so much of Chloe when she first came home and he gives us many, many laughs. Just a sweetie, our Mr. Chance.

The teens talked, they walked, they played in the creek, they played ball, sat on the swings and they talked and talked. I don't think they shut up the whole time and we spent the whole day there. The park was just perfect, we had 3 tables and a grill right next to a huge play set for the children, as well as viewing distance of a small creek that was just deep enough to hold some interesting critters for all our boys:)

It was shady and cool, we had no major injuries, no fights, no illness, no sunburns. For people with a total of 12 children aged 2- 15 years old, that's quite amazing.

We got to meet the rest of their crew and them ours:) Kat and their 9 year old girl Sarina, hit it off for sure, and Kat was nicely ignoring little Seth, who was totally taken with her and wanted to kiss her. I told him he was too young:) Everyone loved little Tova, the tow head:)

I think for our boys and Shai this was a wonderful chance to catch up, compare notes, they are at about the same English level - minimal right now, but they are learning. They got to chat away in Chinese, a wonderful blessing, to see them so happy and enjoying their time together so much.

We spent a relaxing and enjoyable time then drove home through the mountains and gorgeous country side of Pennsylvania. We have to have some of the most beautiful land and views there is. It never gets old.

We are very thankful to Shai's family for taking the time to meet with us, we had a lovely time and the kids were so incredibly happy to see Shai again and spend time with her. We did get some super pictures of all our kiddos, tough going with 12 of them but we did it. And Shai captured what has to be my favorite picture of Chase and me, can you tell he is happy I am his momma? Just warms my heart looking at that smile:)

Chance was game for crayfish catching, he is really good at it, thrilling the little boys who wanted to put them in cups to keep. We were able to convince them the mommy crayfish would miss their babies so they kindly returned them before we left for the day. Sorry no cooking those for supper- euhhhh!

We got home late, the kids were all exhausted. They had played hard and long. They were unhappy to have to shower, but they did and all were down for the night quickly after getting clean.

Enjoy the pictures, they show the joy the kids had being together. Can't you see it?

God's blessings they are, for sure:)


Family said...

It's great to see your two families together! We may have mentioned we traveled with Sarinas family when they adopted her

Holly said...

Oh what a wonderful day! So happy those kids got to get together again. I'm sure it means the world to them. : )

Anonymous said...
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