Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Funny, vary, vary funny

That would be my kiddos for ya. Vary, Vary funny.

Camden made me laugh yesterday when he said he is only going to have 1 child, or maybe 2. I asked him "Why? Did he not like our big family?" I know GASP- how could you not like US?? Nope. He "doesn't want to have to work so hard and go to work as early as dad."

Chase and Chance have taken to telling me "night, night," every night. Chase has also told me he loves me, and it was sincere. Isn't he so sweet? Chance still only says it when he is getting something or wants something, Chase uses that too but less often now that he is understanding what it means to say that.
They both tell me "good morning" and Chance adds today "how are you?" Learning and learning, so neat to see them growing.

Kat asked Dad last night "Daddy will you pleeeassse sleep on the couch so I can sleep with mom in your bed? It's cooler down here:)" She added that on for incentive, and dad (also known as the one wrapped around her finger) caved. Even after I frowned and said that hard working daddy deserved to sleep in his own bed.

Miss Kitty wrote us a letter that went like this "Dear mom and dad. I ceand (cleaned) your bed for you. So you will be happy to me. Love, Kat, you'r wlcum" (welcome) and 2 hearts on each side with mom and dad in them. She's so cute. I can't believe she is going to be 7 in October. Where did all the time go?

Speaking of birthdays-- that Donovan's is tomorrow. He will be 16. Oh dear. He was given a choice of a larger gift or a party, he picked the gift. I had to tell him it was not what he was asking for and you will all understand when I tell you why.

My wonderful son Donovan wanted a night ALONE at the local Comf*rt Inn hotel. To swim, watch TV and (in his words) having "no one breathing up his air." I told him to get real, if me and dad didn't get a night there alone, he sure wasn't getting one. Goofy kid.

Chloe has been babysitting again this week, or should I say "kid sitting." She got up early to get time on the computer, the kids fought all day yesterday as to whose turn it was on the computer, who was next, then for some reason-- I'm blaming temporary insanity-- I packed up 6 of them and went to Walm*rt for groceries and necessities.

As if I didn't know how that was going to go with them fighting all day as it was???

Quite frankly, they drive me nuts in the store. Camden scouts for birthday gifts to add to his list (his birthday is in SEPTEMBER) Chance tries to hand me everything wanting to know if we can get it, Chloe is yelling at him in Chinese, Kat is in the cart yelling as they dump stuff on her, Chase is standing back like he isn't really with us and Donovan really isn't with us, he disappears.

Once Donovan reappears and wants to know what I am buying for his birthday supper, and arguing with me that on "his birthday he is the boss of everything" to which I (not so gently) explained when he starts paying our bills is the day he becomes boss for any period of time in my house.
I tried to tune out him and Camden who by then was picking at Donovan and making me want to bang their heads together, all while I continued to tell Chance "no, no, and no, stop trying to put everything in the cart- PLEEEASEEE, that we didn't need to go hog wild" to which Chloe demanded "was I calling them HOGS??"

Try explaining that expression to a new English speaking child--oiy.

Instead of crying and begging any one in reach to take one, take two, take them ALL, I decided to start humming a ditty "when does school start, oh how I miss school, how many days now, so I don't drown them in the pool."

They were not amused. I think I saw another mother or 2 grinning though:)

They hardly look that ROTTEN, do they? But then, neither do I look CRAZY-- now do I? Huh?

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