Saturday, July 24, 2010

The End of Bible School

Phewww... we made it through. Bible School is over. The kids got study Bibles for the last night and we had the ending program as well as hot dogs and ice cream sundaes, yummm.

Today is the surprise birthday party and the twins have no idea. Chloe spent the night at a sleepover party, we went to leave the church last night and the boys thought I was forgetting her- ha ha, like that is possible.

We have a heat index warning for our area, the humidity and heat are unbearable. Baba took the kids to pick up Chloe who is already out swimming, so they all are out getting wet to keep them cool.

Chase has learned a few new words. He leaned over and said to me "mother, Kat drama queen?" Uh, yeah. She is but we love her as is:)

I started looking at some school clothes, funds are tight but the boys will need clothes. Chance will be easy, he is basically the same size as Camden. Chase is going to be harder, he wanted pants like in Ch*na, skinny leg. So I got on e*bay and found a pair at a great price. I got them in the mail yesterday and had him try them on. What does he say?

"Mother, no, too little" while showing me the legs are TOO skinny- ahhh. He is still willing to wear them, as he came with only 2 pair of pants and they are at least 2 inches too short now, that's good! He's growing taller.
He's still maintaining his weight at 118-119 lbs but he is at least 5 ft-8 inches now. Skinny enough to pull off his new skinny jeans:)
Hopefully we can get the next try right for him to have school clothes he likes. As well as being thankful Chance is not picky about his clothes at all. Chase wanted to know if I would buy his clothes and then he repay us when he started making money.

As sweet as we find this, I had Chloe quickly explain to him this is mother and father's place, to buy him things, to provide for him with no repayment expected. And that providing for him is not 2 pairs of clothing either, I do not wish to be hounded to get those 2 sets of clothes clean constantly so he will have to accept it's okay to have a few more than 2 outfits:)
He doesn't want us to be burdened by him, I know that, but he is far from a burden to us. He's a wonderful, caring son.

Except when I told them I hadn't gotten any pictures of the threesome together in a while, and the three turds said "you want picture? One dollar please?" WHAT? Blackmail for pictures? I'll let you enjoy the pictures of them, don't expect any of them for awhile if I have to pay them to pose, you'll be seeing Miss Kitty who LOVES to pose and does it for FREE!
Such typical teens, they are such a blast. Never know what they will come off with next. Never a dull moment here, that's for sure:)

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Jennifer said...

You might see if you have a Plato's Closet in your area - it's resale, but teen/college fashions. Chase could try stuff on before you buy. Prices are comparable to ebay.