Thursday, July 29, 2010

33 days

Till school starts. I will make it. I will. The kids spent another hot day picking at one another. Camden telling Kat she couldn't be in the kitchen, so she cried that she wasn't allowed to eat, Chance tattled on Donovan for something, Donovan refusing to do chores, Chase fought with Camden over the bunny, etc.

Yeah, you read that right. A BUNNY. A wild little critter that arrived home with the boys when the 4 of them went to help someone bale hay and this poor sad little bunny had gotten caught in the baler. Obviously the guy they helped does not have children or he would have known to say "wild bunny needs to stay in the field he came from to survive" instead of "here's a box, sure you can take him home for a pet, your mom won't mind at all???" Grrrr.
Bunny is getting a few days to recoup his senses and then he is going back to his nice field.

The teens have found a new freedom. We had hoped this would happen when we got them bikes. We knew they had rode in Ch*na but were concerned to just let them go here, I mean it's not like they can tell someone their full name, their address, their phone number. So I gave them my cell phone, Chloe knows how to use it, and an index card to carry that had the info on it. It made me feel better to let them go biking, they feel much better being allowed to go explore their world.
As far as patience with my kids, well, some days I have it and some days I don't. I'm very human. I did learn one thing I was doing very wrong. I was praying and praying for patience, someone finally told me "when you pray for patience you get strife to learn it." Oh goodness.

Now I pray for tolerance:) I also try to step back when the kids are being less than angels, or make me mad. So I do not overreact. Take stock before I dole out any groundings and make then go to their rooms so they can't be heard, adding to my aggravation with them. Yeah, they like to go on, and on, not knowing they are making things WORSE for themselves.

A thing I always keep in the back of my mind was something a good friend of mine told me when I was struggling in my job with wanting to focus on the work which I loved, but not the co-workers who were quite mean. 100 years, all new people. Meaning in 100 years most of us will be gone, and what legacy will we have left? Really makes you think, huh?

Mr. Jaxon has been a pickle this week, he is 2 weeks old today and the stinker is spoiled. Even though I know, you can't spoil a baby:) Don't worry his mother KNOWS. Matter of fact, she is helping it along! He wants to be held all day long. He fusses if someone is not focused on HIM all the time.
He's still as cute as can be,loves to wrinkle up that forehead as if to say "yeah, I know I got you all in my pocket, so what???

I have super pics of the little guy as well as Miss Kitty who is more than willing to pose for free any time, anywhere, any day. She didn't earn that Diva title for nothing! And that's what you get since I am still refusing to pay the teens for their mug shots. I did catch Chance and Camden in their morning pose, head to head. Wouldn't Chance just be horrified to know he slept like that every night- ha ha on him.
Speaking of, Chance is telling me, somewhat in English, some Chinese, some hand signals, that his hair is growing and he is trying new styles. His hair grows so much slower than his sibs.
He is also telling me that he wants to eat, he had a huge supper and snack, but wants to eat AGAIN. But it's bedtime and he is arguing about bedtime since I told him to go to bed. He left my room then started chanting in the keyhole of the door - sue-fan, sue-fan (eat, eat), he's quite the funny guy. Persistent too.
It's very obvious Chance and Chloe are twins, the only time they are quiet is when they are asleep.
Oiy. I sure do love having 5 teens. They always have something to say........always.


Sherri said...

33 more days before school starts!! My son would love having more time off for the summer. He has less then 2 weeks now before he goes back, he's not looking to Aug 9th, getting here.

Chris said...

Ah teens, gotta love em. At least with yours, you can pretend that you don't understand them sometimes. :^)
Not that you would do that or anything.