Friday, June 18, 2010

You like?

Well? Like the new look? Keisha from Blogs For Babies did it. We are all done tweaking it now, got the names right:) The kids were bugging me about the pictures up top, mainly the boys. For children who never had mirrors to look at themselves they spend huge amounts of time doing two things-

1. Primping- this includes checking self out in mirror constantly, washing face, applying pimple cream to any area that even looks ominous of a breakout, showering till no hot water is left, applying gel to hair, teeth brushing, hair spraying and yelling if anyone dares to want in the sole WC we have. (hey, you all taught me the WC is water closet, taught by Chinese teachers as a polite way to say "bathroom" even though it's British and I had no clue why they saying WC.)

2. Checking out every picture ever taken by mother and even others (at the doctor's yesterday) to "approve them". Once I got him when he was really smiling and he wasn't happy, he tried to get camera out of mom's hand but "somehow" it ended up in my bra, he wasn't going to go THERE.... so I have the picture.

I know, that's terrible but I have learned to save my camera from many things. And he isn't going to delete pictures on MY camera.

I seem to be unable to keep up with daily posting so I'm going for 5 a week? I do have a life (MOM) and many children so I am finding it impossible to get time to blog every day. Hopefully you can all cut me a break (mom) and I'll do my best to keep you up on everything.

One BIG thing we did want to share.....Not that is mattered to us at any point but we had DNA tests done and the 3 children ARE biological siblings. They share a bio mother and father without any doubt.

Here's why I share this. The boys had their physicals yesterday, Chloe went along for translation purposes. Now I LOVE the boys doctor and I'll tell you why. First he was really good about Chloe helping as best she could but if she didn't know something it was cool. They ended up with 3 shots once we were able to figure out what vaccines they had gotten and when.

Then the surprise came. He asked about their bio mother. They do not recall a father at all. None of them. But Chase obviously knows his bio mother the best as he is the oldest. Sooo... he asked how she was crippled. Honestly, it never occurred to me to ask this. To me, and them, she just WAS. BUT the doctor immediately realized that she could have something genetic that our children could be at risk for.
Wow... talk about mind blowing. So when we finally sorted out how, which ones, and when her limbs didn't function, he decided to do some blood work on the boys but our best guess is that she had polio or rheumatic fever, possibly cerebral palsy but most likely not a genetic issue.

Still, he will watch the kids for it and when he was asking how her limbs were and he told them he was "not making fun of her, he needed to know in case they had something." Since the twins were laughing and showing how her legs twisted. Chase was not looking amused at their antics and when we tried to figure out if bio mother ever walked and then got worse over time we learned Chase had carried her to the WC.
A 7 year old carrying his mother to the bathroom. WOW. You could see he was deeply bothered by the questioning and the doctor stopped and told me a few things more to try to learn as Chase is able to handle telling us.

After we left it clicked for Chloe. "You mean we could end up not able to walk?" I told her we were trying to figure that out since she was their mother and they were all 3 her children and if she had something she could have passed it down to them. She then said "I don't want to be like that, what happen to me?" I told her this "Chloe, no one WANTS to be like that. But if you or your brothers end up like that we will get you wheelchairs, we will take care of you, we are your family and that's how it is."
I also told her that the doctor didn't think they would end up like that, that it seemed she got that way from an illness from what they told us and she wouldn't have given them that illness. And I said "you know we could leave here and you end up unable to walk from an accident, we never know and we would take care of you." We went through the whole conversation again later- something we often do when something bugs her, she needs to hear it again.

Chance obviously "got it" too as he was saying "no, no not walk" and motioned that if he couldn't walk he would (GASP) cut his throat. I told him "NO, NO. Don't ever say that, you don't do that." I didn't flip out on him since I realize that's an answer to something like that in their home land. He has to learn that handicaps are not the end of the world, that many people live with a handicap and are wonderful, loving and loved people. That God made us all special.

I'm still chilled, it will come. They will learn how special they are to God and us.

After we went for Chinese lunch, since Chase was saying "eat, Chinese, please momma, wo ai ni, (I love you) momma, eat??" They got their fill and home we went.

I got some great pics of the kids in the yard and then the boys napped for quite a while. Must have been all that good food and whining over the shots and blood draw? Talk about M-A-L-E. The bigger of the 2 was the worse, it's sad when you teach then "gentle" as they are too rough then they use it to embarrass you by telling the nurses "gentle, GENTLE!" As if they were grinning and threatening them with the shots. The nurses WERE being gentle and treating them like babies. And they are yelling "gentle". TURDS.

BTW, I left the office after giving the secretary the thumbs up, I told her I have been English deprived too long and I was sorry, I meant, "yeah that's fine" not "thumbs up, what we use for 2 boys resistant to English learning. Ahhh.

I did have a good moment of laughter when the doctor was in the exam room for about 10 minutes and he looked at Chance and said "you thought about ADHD?" I told him "yeah, we were told the same about the girl twin there, when she first came home." So he asked me how long it took her to settle down and I told him ,"a year." It's not a true ADHD, it's - new environment, everything new, things to do, touch, see, touch, do, experience and it's overwhelming to them. They literally can't sit still, bounce off walls. It was just funny that it was exactly what she was like when she came home.

After the children were so well behaved they had to make sure I knew they were still MY kids and Chance decided to scare my dog with a Nerf gun, shooting it at him, he got out of hand so I took the gun, he then snuck it and went downstairs and shot Camden in the eye. Such is why we only allow NERF- foam darts- but they are not allowed to shoot at faces even with the NERF, so I pointed him right to his room and he pouted his way there. Ahhh, they joys of Chance.

Today my brave and wonderful niece came and took all their tushies to the pool. Speaking of, Chase claimed yesterday he was "bored" to which I replied "I was going to send his butt to school to learn English." Chloe told him what I said and he wanted to know "why just his butt?" He was asking so seriously too, I couldn't help but laugh.

Hey, the evil dog? Remember her? They are "giving it a go" and might just be keeping her. She is slowly warming up to them and I think if they give her time she will be fine. She has always been a nervous Nellie so we have our finger crossed, prayers going up and time to change our phone number (just kidding MOM)! We do want Lucy to have a good home where she is not tormented by children.

I'm free to do laundry and cleaning since no kids are here, oh joy. Speaking of, I better get to it.


Dawn said...

Well, crap! Now you tell me where to hide the camera so my teen kid can not delete the pictures. I just got a new camera and its way too big!! And so am I... you are too funny...

Nancy said...

Love your new look, Vickie, and I love reading your blog. Your place must be a barrel of laughs.

Donna said...

LOVE the new blog look!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Holly said...

Hi Vickie! I'm back reading your blog. At the hospital I didn't have your blog address with me. I should have remembered it! Just got caught up on your last few posts. So glad things are going well! And we are all doing well too. : ) We got to come from the hospital today!!