Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who's Hot?

Well, apparently our son, Chase. And it's not something I want to hear. The boys went to school. And Chase was paired up with Abby, Chloe's friend Hannah's sister. (Did you all follow that?)

Anyway, she was bombarded with GIRLS wanting to "talk" to Chase. To ask if he speaks Chinese, and any other dumb question they could think of to ask him just to "check him out".

Ahh, I am sooo not ready for this. I guess Chloe deflected much of the "cuteness" of Chance and in 6th grade there is not as much of the "girlfriend/boyfriend" thing going on. But obviously by 8th grade a huge change has happened and poor Chase was really not liking it.

He asked me if I could "stop the questions, and the noise" the giggling and gushing over him. Sorry son, I can't keep you hidden forever, although I did offer to go to school with him and held up my fists like I would knock out the annoying females for him, making him laugh.

Abby did a great job with him, she was so nervous, till she got there and saw he is just like any other teen kid, he is just language impaired, not stupid at all. She is fairly quiet and so is he so I wondered if he would talk with her at all. When I asked him if he said anything to her he said "WC." Okay then. Chance and Chase did not care for school, said it was boring, which I am sure it was. Only 7 more days of it then they are off for the summer.

The ESL teacher who is retiring got to meet them, the one Chloe doesn't like, so who knows how they acted with her. I'll hear about it later just like I did with certain laundry bill in China, after the fact, I'm sure.

I have to tell you what Chase did the other day, the boys are still eating ramen noodles about 4 times a day, I can't believe they aren't sick of them but Chase wanted to add an egg to his, and he was trying to ask, I couldn't understand him, Chloe wasn't here, he doesn't care to use the book or translator we have, so we were playing charades basically when he flapped his arms and did a slight squat, giving me the "clue" that I finally got- EGG. Chicken laying egg. I'm still laughing just thinking about it!

I worried about the boys since they had already said they were NOT eating American food- aka school lunch. I guess their bottomless pits of stomachs gave them a different idea and they both ate, Chance came home complaining that he wasn't allowed to get a second lunch. I had noodles made for them, I figured they would be starved, as they have been eating every 2 hours since they got home. Chase seems to really like to cook, not sure if that was a skill to get food or if he really enjoys it yet.

Poor Donovan had to complain that I never (supposedly) made HIM noodles after school and I told him he didn't have a language issue and it wasn't his first day of school as a new American. He keeps telling the boys "English" and telling them louder and louder as if they are deaf. The boys say "tim-a-dun" (I don't know what you are saying) and then "Chinese, CHINESE!" But I did notice little English words are creeping into their conversations:)

I have to admit I called once, to check on them and make sure they were okay. Was told all was well. Did get a call later that a translator was obtained for the boys and will work with them on Thursday. WOW. I asked about one for Chloe for this year and it didn't happen, she managed just fine but I sent the boys with very little English and we have a translator in 2 days. Guess the school realizes they are going to take longer to acclimate with Chinese spoken at home.

All in all they survived and so did I. Sorry no comments for this post, had to hide one that wasn't so nice written in Chinese, no less. SPAM- I can't stand it. The food or the crappy comment. Take your pick.

Hey, learned something new today, how to delete SPAM comments, yeah for me:) Silly easy but, it's gone. Comment away, just no SPAM please.


Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

You may want to delete the previous comment in Chinese. I just translated it thinking, "Wow. One of your translators sent a message of encouragement." Boy was I in for a surprise. It is certainly of the inappropriate variety.
On a more pleasant note, glad things went well for them. This week should help the transition to school in the fall all the easier for them.

Donna said...

Ah darn! I got here too late to read the Chinese spam comment! ;)

Hey, welcome to my world (having a son who is "hot"). The phone started ringing when Michael was in 2nd grade and I had to tell little giggling girls that Michael still thought girls were yucky and to call back in about 10 years.

Still laughing about the chicken charades! ;)

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