Friday, June 4, 2010

What's Up?

Wellll..... no post yesterday due to my mother. Yep, all her fault. It's stinkin' hot here again and she didn't have her AC in yet, my bro visited to install it and measure for spouting she needs. She did not realize how quickly she could dehydrate in the humid and hot heat, which is what happened when she got dizzy, sick, headache and ended up in the ER.

Pretty scary, not knowing if she was having a stroke or what. So they got her checked out and re hydrated then she insisted on going home, so as she was shoeless, we got some of the cute hospital socks and I took her home. Guess she can't complain to me about the lack of post, right?

The school called me in a panic today. Ha ha. They are not thrilled I sent the boys to school. They "thought" Chloe was a hard ESL student, now they are learning she was just the tip of the iceberg:) The boys have been home 3 weeks as of tomorrow. That means to me that hearing a few English words out of them is super. I recall Chloe didn't speak for the first MONTH, we had a little foster boy who said "she really can TALK" he thought she was unable to! (Is this the same kid we can't get to shut up now? YEAH, sure is!)

The school is flipping out thinking the boys progress is not going to be enough to get them ready for fall. Especially Chase as he is supposed to go to the high school. So they are lining up English lessons, a translator for next year and we are going to see how we feel Chase progresses to determine later if we go with 8th grade to keep him in the middle school or 9th to keep him with the friends he has started to make. I'm going to let the school help us as much as possible, I am not thinking this will be a walk in the park with them speaking Chinese to each other.

Today the younger kids had Writer's Workshops, and the Science/ Social studies Fair. So I went to school for Cam to read his book to me at 11:30, then went to the Fair with him, I asked the teacher what grade I (oops I mean HE) got for his project, we did a board on China, of course. ( I got an A+ per his teacher)

Then I got to have a super school lunch (PB &J, apples, chocolate milk and carrots) with Cam and his class, then head over to hear Miss Kitty's story book then back to the Fair to pretend to see it all for the first time:) After they roasted us out in the mid day sun, I headed home.

I wanted to finish planting my flowers for the summer season but it's raining now. So there goes that idea. I'm still fighting the poison from last week's yard work, I get it terrible bad and my boy Chance is a picker, he picks at anything on me, him, anyone, scabs, blisters, spreading it so nicely all over me (NOT) but hey, at least he's not picking his NOSE:)

I have to confess something too, I didn't get a picture of Cam (my) project AND I forgot to take the camera to school today as well. I'm slipping, big time. I might be dehydrated? Who knows.


ronvic7 said...
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Donna said...

Didn't the boys learn some English in China? I thought all kids start learning English in Grade school and continue all the way through college (if they go to college).

Kinds in the SWI go to school just like all the other kids, right?

I have friends who are tri-lingual and they had to have a schedule of when to speak a certain language to make sure everyone learned consistently and remained fluent. They'd speak only English on certain days of the week (for example). Maybe you could have a rule that says that only English is spoken on odd days? If they're all forced to use English, they may be better about it. Also, music really helps kids learn a language. Especially teenagers. Karaoke would be a fun thing to have at home! ;)

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