Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weird kids

My kids are so weird. Just weird. They are rubbing watermelon rinds on their faces as it's supposed to be good for your skin. Per Chloe that is.

Not sure if she told Camden that just to see him do it, but now the freezer has a bunch of watermelon rind sitting in it. You know what I mean, right at the front so when you open the door, it falls out all over you?
I'll reserve judgement till I see some really silky amazing skin, then I'll let you all know so we can all slather our faces with watermelon rind.

Speaking of skin, Chase is mad at mom, I took his pimple cream. Between covering his face in it, going out places with white dots all over his face, and refusing to listen when I tell him it's not meant to be used that often or that amount, I confiscated it. Not sure how long I will have to keep it but I will be sure it is long enough that he will listen to me before he gets it back. The woes of being a teen.

The kids spent the day picking at one another, tattling, whining and picking some more. Pretty typical day. Didn't bother me too much, since they were all six doing it and it just seemed to be that kind of day.

We made index cards with simple things for the kids to see how a family works together. Everyone got to help. It was really easy things that Chloe translated for the boys but we made sure it was clear that all the children needed to do these things to make things better for all of them. To get along. To be siblings. And all the kids are doing them. At least trying.

We are family. They are behaving just like siblings, all of the children. We are so happy to watch the boys finding their way, standing up for themselves as we want them to. They are important and most of all---LOVED deeply by all of us. God's blessings for sure.

BTW, we will be able to keep our kids in touch with their buddy, blondie. They will be a help for his transition for sure, he can see they have BTDT and made it:) The other boy in picture we are trying to learn if he is paper ready to get him adopted.

I have to share what Chloe's idea was about us adopting again-- "we paid people to do paperwork 4 times to get all our Chinese kiddos here, so why they not do it five time for free?" I have yet to hear of the "get four then #5 is free" deal so for now their wish of us going back for a little one is not likely to happen. But isn't she a total hoot?

Right now we know our focus is the boys and getting them settled in completely. Our hearts are full and we have no doubts, no regrets:) Older children are soooooo worth it!!


Sherri said...

That made me laugh about Chloe wanting the 5th one for free! She is a Chinese businesswoman. Maybe you should send her to negotiate for you!

I love reading your updates. I'm glad everyone is adjusting.

Chris said...

Yes, send Chloe to C2A2 and have her negotiate! Maybe they could see the wisdom....actually maybe she should start w/ the "powers that be" on this side of the ocean

Ruth Marie said...

The Chinese do belive that watermelon rinds are good for the skin I hve seen this done countless times at lunch here.