Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Revelations

I asked for prayer from our church family. But heard this week somewhere "don't ask for patience as it brings trials to learn." OHHHH-- there's what I have been doing wrong!!! Asking for patience from the beginning of our adoption journey. WOW. YEARS Of this!!

I'm such a goober.

So I ask for tolerance. And I need it. I'm stumped. God is such a big part of my life, that it's hard to go to church and see the youth doing the Sunday worship opening-- the same group that is just fine to go camping with, to go Wed night to play with, but when the group does anything with the whole church, the one that that she is a PART of, Chloe backs out. She LIED to me, and said this was the Sunday evening group, like I didn't know better.

After I said "fine, no play today with Hannah if you chose to not behave now"--then Chance squirmed around like a 3 year old, and raised his hand at an inappropriate time, she laughed at him. Grrr.

So after service I split them and made Chance sit with me, through my Sunday school class. He kept saying "sorry momma" but it was too late for his little "sorry-do it again- routine." I was fed up.

We came home and I told Chloe if she was going to encourage negative behavior she could stay away from her brothers, to go to her own room. Then the minute she thought I was downstairs and not aware, they had snack upstairs and she was back in their room. Double GRRRRR.

Girlfriend is pushing and I am not going to be pushed. No way. No how. She'll have a miserable summer at the rate she is going.

I ask for tolerance, not just for the kids being home, but for wanting them to grasp our God and not believe in evolution. It pains me, yet it must be their own choice. And I do realize even if she is playing at church and loves to go that it's a wonderful start for her to grasp the meaning behind it. And Hannah is a wonderful example of a Christian tween for her. I realize God can be overwhelming to think of His greatness, His vastness, His WONDER, to many people, and they aren't language impaired children.

I so badly want them to have His joy, to understand the importance of Him in their story, their lives, their survival, their reunion, their family. Back to that "P" word again--

BTW, they did come home after camp out subdued, slept most of the day, we didn't have to go after anyone but they did have to be told to get out of the fire, stop adding wood to the fire, stop poking the fire, they are fascinated by fire. My cute little pyromaniacs:)

They apparently cooked a ton of mountain pies and marshmallows, not for themselves, but just to make them----so they had fun. They slept outside and are now covered in bug bites. They didn't want to (I figured Donovan encouraged this) sleep in the tent with Donovan.

One good note. Donovan is realizing with Mal graduating and going to college soon, he will be the oldest here, he will need to set the example for the kids. This also bring a ton of complaints from him, "they don't listen, they are awful, they do not listen, they misbehave, yadda, yadda, yadda." So tolerance for him as well. He also needs a big dose.

Cam has taken his grounding very well, and used it to be helpful and behave. So there's a good note. Kitty realized yesterday we are now in summer vacation and that means after Sunday there is no school for 2 months- "a very long time" and is now upset. She wanted to go right back so she would be a first grader:) That girl is so fickle. She couldn't wait to be done, and as soon as she starts back, you watch, she'll go a few days and then will have had "enough." Ahhh. DIVA- that's all I'm gonna say about her.

Dad took her on a fun bike ride yesterday as everyone else was grounded or sleeping, she had fun till she saw a snake then she was done. "Take me home" she ordered. She hates snakes. And it wasn't a little one either.

I didn't get to try the Vick's on my heels, interesting though, I'm going to use that when I get this again (not IF in this house!- It's WHEN) since my cough has now eased at night but is more during the day. And even then it's not much. So I weathered the storm of illness. Phewwww.

Maybe this week will be a better one. I know for certain that all of your support, your prayers, and knowing how much we love these kiddos no matter what- will help us weather whatever it takes to blend them in. That gives us strength, it gives us peace.

We are doing what God asked, and He didn't say every day would be a cake walk, so we continue to ask for His hand in this and that we always honor Him in our parenting of His blessings:)

And there's always a corner the kids can visit if they continue to chose to annoy mother:)

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Jennifer said...

They must be acting like monkeys because they think they descended from monkeys. Lifting you up always. I'm going to put my little prayer warrior, Charli Grace, on the job too.