Saturday, June 26, 2010


Did they like the ball game? In a word... no. They did not. Chance came home and said "mother, no" (pretending to bat ball)--- then he pretended to shoot a hoop and said "good- okay?"

Yeah, I got it. Not impressed with the fireworks either, considering they have amazing ones in Ch*na that was a bust as well. Baba did say they behaved fairly well.

My niece who drove them mentioned something about "smacking them up along side the head" and I had to gently remind her we do not hit our children--not in public, at least. Just a joke MOM, do not call me!

She said it had to do with the doors of the van and the kiddos playing with the automatic doors, putting things in the door to keep it from being able to shut and just generally playing with it. Errghhh.

So they are banned from touching the doors, I have to hit the button to let them in and out. I kinda like that idea, no one out or in till I say so.....hummm.... more power to go to my head? Hahah ah ahahaha

Or is that the motor revving in my head again? That short drive to craziness?? Hmmmmm, now there's a thought.


Zwade Gang said...

Gabriel was a definite "NO" to baseball, too, but LOVES basketball! I sent you an email about a possible drive by visit from Gabriel and family. Tuesday the 6th would be awesome so that I could be there, too.

Holly said...

I was just checking your last few posts...Love them. Keep 'em coming. :) Our Cassandra was just in Ch*na for 6 months, and she said the Ayis in the baby home she was in were major pickers too with the babies. Interesting!