Monday, June 14, 2010

A New Day

Isn't it funny how in one day (or less) that God can send you someone to completely change your crappy attitude:)
Charli's mom, a XinYang momma herself, knows how stubborn our XinYang kiddos can be. So instead of reminding me of that which would not have made me feel better she comments "maybe they are acting like monkeys because they think they came from monkeys?" Uhhh. I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. (We all know I have an issue in that area).
Totally what I needed. And an e-mail that said basically "chill" on the whole church thing (never any offense taken when you all tell me that) which I am sure is the right thing to do. Chill. They will get it when and where and how God plans. My concern will not change this. We want them to be kids, then we want them to get something as deep as Christ FAST? Uhh, duhh. Not going to happen.

See I do read comments and e-mails and always look for the message in them. I almost always need them. I rarely get offended. So don't worry about commenting and telling me to knock it off. If you don't my mother will for sure. (You know this is true MOM)

The kids are being, well, kids, today. Kat is tattling on Chance, Chance is complaining that Kat calls him "Lu Kai" and he wants to be called "Chance". Donovan went to watch trains go by (don't ask) after his 4th try to clean the bathroom since Sat night at 11:30 pm, when I woke him to tell him he never cleaned it after I told him Sat afternoon to clean it and made him go clean it right then. I KNOW (MOM) I am sooooo mean. I told him, he didn't do it, went to bed, I got him up. That's how it is. Bet he doesn't "forget" next time?

Cam is sizing up if he could possibly be un- grounded today:) Mal spent the night at the dorm for orientation. Dad is with her. Chase is very quiet. He is so well behaved I hate it when the twins get in trouble and he thinks he is included in the trouble. Not so. He could not be a more polite but caring son.
Dad and I were talking last night and we said it was so strange that we worried that Chase would be older and unwilling to listen to us, and it ends up being the other ones who give us the issues. Go figure.

Chloe is thrilled that I am now working on her scrapbook, I have Chase and Chance's done. They really like them too. Although we went through the whole "who is that on the first page?" An Asian doll baby??? Why? I have always started their books at their birth because someone looked forward to their birth and we are so thankful they were born. Then I move right into how we learned about them ( the boys) and our journey to them, any pics they brought with them and then our trip to them and home.

Chloe's book is wayyy behind, shame on ME--- I am working on last summer for her! So I will be busy today working like mad to get her caught up to the present. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a picture nut, but then I realize what joy their books bring and I take it back:)

Isn't it wonderful what a full night of sleep and a new day can bring us? I'm ready and up to their shenanigans, bring them on..............

We really are blessed and thankful even with the bumpy road, we just love these kids. Just love 'em:) Shenanigans and all.


mom2joy said...

I am so glad that others wrote about concern about the kids believing in God. I am a Lutheran pastor and I wanted to say, "don't worry. These kids will best come to know God incarnate in the love of God that you show them day in and day out." If faith was not a part of your household, then it might not ring true for them. But it is and they will likely come to share your faith.
I know others have said it, but I want to tell you that I check this blog daily for a chuckle or out and out laughter. I think you are filled with the joy of Christ to overflowing. Thanks so much.

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

Jennifer said...

Glad to bring a laugh your way. Sorry about the pants. ; )

淑娟 said...
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