Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last day of school

Where in the world did time go? Tomorrow is less than a half day, they aren't even feeding the kids and they are done. Mal is graduating, she'll be off to college next. I can't believe it. She got a bunch of awards at the Awards Ceremony last night, including a few scholarships. That's a big help toward her college bill:)

I'm still not up to par. Far from it. I sound, well, manly. Yikes. When I have a voice, that is. I am wheezing when I do much of anything and sleep would be lovely if I could cease coughing as soon as I am prone. Today was perfect nap weather too, it rained ALL DAY. Hasn't stopped yet. Just like my cough:(

I have been working on the boys' scrapbooks catching up the pictures they brought with them and then our trip. I have Chase's done, Chance's started and the other kids to catch up as well. Not terribly exciting, but the boys just love their books like the girls do. It's fun to look through their pictures and see them growing, their hair and their personalities opening up.
My favorite page of their books the one of their reuniting with sister, I can still recall getting that first glimpse of them, saying "there they are!" and in the hotel lobby they came with the biggest smiles ever. They looked so incredibly happy, they couldn't stop smiling. It was all over their faces how thrilled they were that we had come back for them. Like a dream come true. I am sure they did not know it was for all of us, a dream come true. God's miracle.

Obviously I am feeling pretty crapping since Cam has been bugging me about his "Science Fair" project FOR NEXT YEAR, meaning he just wanted to PLAY and needed dry spaghetti and mini marshmallows. And I let them go to it. ALL of them. I didn't care, it was cheap and almost 2 hours of solid quiet.

Bliss for this sick momma:)

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Amy in Arizona said...

So sorry you are sick, especially for your daughter's graduation!! I love the spaghetti and marshmallow idea. I will definitely be doing that!!