Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How many kids are here?

Sometimes that Baba really scares me. We were on the swing in the yard taking a moment to ourselves (after sending 4 kids back into the house) and he said something about the 8 kids in the family??

I did a quick mental count and said "who is #8, we have 7 here last time I checked." To which he promptly said "I stopped counting awhile ago, I just guess." Okay then. So if 2 more show up he will be off by 1 but never realize it? He's wayyy too funny.
Chance thought he was going to pull a "I'm sick and need to stay home" on me today. I told Chloe to let brothers know, mother is a nurse, you will have to be bleeding, puking, or dying- IN FRONT OF ME- to get to stay home from school. Boy, was he mad. He pouted and refused to even say goodbye or look at me. Oh well. Not starting that nonsense, no way.

I sent Chase off to school in a pair of pants he came from the orphanage with, they have a big "thumbs up" on his tushie. Worried me since the predators, I mean, girls, of 8th grade might get ideas. They all wanted his cell phone number today- luckily he doesn't HAVE ONE. And I KNOW they aren't brave enough to call my house, I will be asking "just what do you plan to say to him since he knows about 10 English words?"

He did say to Chloe this morning, "Come on" when it was time to go, he usually says "Let's GO!" so that was new for him. He complained again about the girls and I had to laugh when Chloe said "he's a STAR" in school. Only a few more days and he will be done for this year. Hopefully going to the high school next year and everyone being "new" will decrease the interest in him.

Chloe has been her usual moody self, I had another talk with her about Cam being fine for her to play with till brothers come and then shutting him out and playing only with brothers is bound to hurt his feelings, that HE is her brother as well.
Things continue to bump along, Chance and Cam are acting better with one another since they both are getting it that I won't tolerate their meanness toward one another. It's a road with potholes that we have to get over and it's not a short trip:) It's a lifetime.

Do you see these pictures of my kids? Are they not totally creative in ways to try to keep me from getting their pictures? Doesn't work as I don't give up, but for today, they think they have won. We all need that once in a while, don't we?

I have to tell you, the boys have pushed me to give up soda, they are telling me it's no good for me. So I have went to tea drinking, cold and hot. I just have to share this with you all though, do you know what cola, and chocolate are in Chinese? Cola and choco- lot. Yeah, the same:) Some things are just meant to be known the world around.

I firmly believe chocolate can fix nearly anything and the boys better not decide I should give that up next, just not happening!

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