Saturday, June 5, 2010

How far can a diva jump?

That's the question of the day. Since we started our day bright and early at the kids last track meet. It was Family Day so any family members were allowed to participate in any event they wished.

Miss Kitty decided she wanted to try the long jump after much reassurance that she was allowed to, that she wasn't too small and she would be able to do it. Or so we thought. We did not factor in the Diva- ness of her.

She ran, she stopped. She looked, declared there could be crabs in that sand and she refused to jump. The staff assured her, no crabs in that sand. So she tried again. And she stopped. This time it was spiders. Had to be spiders in there, she SAW one.

So they "killed" the spider, threw it out and she went for the third time. She stopped, she made the most dainty jump ever seen and then declared she "did not really like sand in her shoes" so she was done. You gotta see the pictures, she was the riot of the day.

Not so funny was Chase who does not know the word "pace" and thought he would just keep up with the long- haired dude. Uhh, long hair dude is a regular runner..... so as Chase over did it in the horrible heat, he made it almost a mile and then nearly fainted. He had to lay down and have cold water poured on him. He was done.

Speaking of the long haired dude, there were actually 2 of them, brothers, and we told Chase they were boys. He kept asking "sons?" (meaning boys) and we said "yes and do you like their hair?" Teasing him. He didn't believe they were really boys till he followed one to the bathroom to see which door he went in, AND I pointed out their dad and said "that's their Baba, they are his SONS" and he told Chase, "yes, they are my sons."

It was so funny that he was so surprised to see 2 boys with such long hair:) And NO, he does not wish to have hair that long- phewww- momma is not into buzz cuts, but not really into hair that long either.

I had to laugh when a girl from Chase's grade had a shirt with signatures all over it, I pointed to it as she walked by and said to him "names, write name, Chase" and she turned to me and said "he doesn't understand you"- I smiled at her and said "yeah he does, I'm his mom." She thought I was just randomly trying to talk to him:) But it was nice that she was trying to protect him.

Chase had someone come up and ask about the Zip Lines on his shirt, I did have to tell the guy he doesn't speak much English and answer his questions about the Zip Lines. He laughed when I told him Chase has only been here 3 weeks from China and speaks Chinese, he said "wow and my Chinese is very poor, like none."

We were all wore out from the heat and sun, I have a pink nose:( My brown children are just a nice shade of brown, I am sooo jealous. We came home with an array of ribbons and had to cook some noodles, of course.

Someone e-mailed me and said the comments aren't working, to leave a comment that is, so leave one if you can so I can see if there is a problem. Otherwise I'll just figure I am boring you all to death and you don't want to tell me:)

It just can't be that, now can it??


Laurie said...

Im leaving my comment. I loved the comment from that guy that is Chinese wasnt that good!

Anonymous said...
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mom2joy said...

Well, if it's boring, then that won't say much for me, because I check every day for a new post and sometimes a second time if none was there the first. I'm loving hearing about these big kids adapting to this new life. They seem so happy to be in a family and just be kids.

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

Nancy said...

You are not boring me, AT ALL. In fact, I check your blog several times a day to see if you have updated it. Really missed you last week. Love hearing the antics of your new extended family.

Regina said...

Boring? Certainly not. I love reading your blog every day. I find some of what you write about funny. How I would love to be your neighbor. Your family is such an inspiration.

Holly said...

Hi Vicki! Love your posts...not boring. :) So glad things seem to be going well over there!

I am asking you for prayer if you think about it too. We found out last Tuesday that our little Sarah has cancer--retinoblastoma in both eyes. Prognosis is not the greatest, but our God IS the greatest! Check my notes on facebook if you would like to know more...Holly Gilliam

Grandma Shelley said...

You are sooo awesome, Vickie....and tho I hardly EVER leave a comment, KNOW that I read EVERY SINGLE post you write. But, you probably already knew that, didn't you? I check every day to see if you have updated your blog.