Friday, June 11, 2010


I made it to graduation:) It was outside at the football field so we could take the kids, not that they were thrilled. But I went prepared with game consoles and games to keep them busy. It worked really well, as the ceremony lasted for over 2 hours.

It was wonderful to see our girl graduate. We got pictures of all of us for the first time including the boys:) and Grandma (Baba's mom) is behind me. Chance is holding my hand with my purse slung over his shoulder. He doesn't let me carry anything myself. Not if he gets to it first:) We even kinda look like a normal bunch, huh?

Do you all recall the wonderful things I said about my kids yesterday? I take it all back. I think someone read that post and came in and switched out those wonderful children with little demon children that LOOK just like my kids overnight. Just for fun, you see. WHY do I think this??

I didn't have a good night, the coughing! Up, down, as soon as I got to sleep ,the coughing started. So this morning when 2 boys, named Chance and Cam came and dived on me as they were fighting over a DS game, I wished I had quicker reflexes and had knocked their heads together.

As soon as I took the game and ordered them off me and out of my room, I was able to drift back off for a mere 15 minutes only for Kat to come in and ask if she could eat a brownie for breakfast. AHHH! So up I was. Like a bear with a sore tushie.

I wrote out instructions for Chloe to translate. Such as-

Do not EVER wake up mama fighting over a game again. I got my morning tea while I promised myself I would find time to research places to live that children can go to school all year long with no summer breaks and how soon could we move the family there. Grrrrrrr.

It didn't get any better either. Kat tattled that Donovan was eating a brownie for lunch. Cam pulled a big dirty trick, he went upstairs, called a friend and then tried to tell me that the friend called and invited HIM over. I knew the phone didn't ring so I told him to bring me a phone and THEN he fessed up that he did the calling so he is now grounded from going anywhere.

He was really mad to find out that there was a church camp out and all the other kids were going tonight. Too bad. Shouldn't have ever lied to momma.

Speaking of the camping, I sent Chase, Chance, Chloe and Donovan. Oh my. Chloe was behaving very well, the boys were trying hard to follow the rules I set up for the summer-most of them were geared toward Chance. No dirty faces, at people, especially momma, no yelling at little sis, help little sis and don't call her a baby. She IS the baby here and we do not slap her or make fun of her!
A few more of my rules??
When going places and they revert back to misbehaving because we are not RIGHT THERE.... next time invitation comes, one, two or all three of them will stay home. Their behavior determines this.
Summer does not mean "eat all day non- stop."

I've had to crack down on them much sooner than we did with Chloe but they are our children and I am not going to let them get away with being horrible. They are language impaired, not learning impaired, they can understand what is acceptable behavior here and what will happen if they do choose to misbehave.

I figured we would have a call by now, we warned the turds if they misbehaved this evening we would be going to pick up the offenders, embarrass them for sure and bring their tushie/s HOME. Not a peep so far and since it's Sat. tomorrow and they are sure to stay up most of the night, I figure they will come home tired and subdued, can't believe I dare to say that!! But I do!

Maybe the demons will be gone and my children will return. It's going to take me some time to get used to them home all the time with no school, I told them today it was a "short trip" and Chloe said "for what?" And I told her "to drive momma CRAZY" as I made car noises. She looked at me like I was already there. Made me wonder, am I and I don't even know it?
Gotta share this too, when I didn't feel well yesterday I went to make soup and Chloe and Chance "took over" making it boiling hot, they pushed me down in a chair and served me then Chance was going to spoon feed me. I told them "no thanks, they could save it for when I am old and need my diapers changed." Chloe said "what that mean?" I told her when I get old I will act like a baby again, so she told Chance that, they got a great laugh and then she got really serious and said "I not changing you diaper."
Okay then, another one that I can rule out, so far #1 claims he'll take me but I think he might forget me in the back room of his apartment and I'll starve to death, #2 laughs when mention of me getting old and needing cared for, #3 runs when my age is mentioned, #4 rolls her eyes. I'm, not batting a thousand here, even with all these kids. Honestly I must be doing something WRONG.... very. very wrong.
It might go back to the paragraph about the you hear that car motor rev???


Grandma Shelley said...

Vickie, you are a hoot! I LOVE reading about your should, before you get "old" write a book about your life. It would have to be a best seller! Hang in there!

Heather BT said...

It's funny what kids come up with when dealing with sickness. Mum is staying with us for a bit, while she heals from a fall. Calliandra was so worried about what would happen to me when I was old, and how would she get me to the Dr's since she can't drive (she's blind). At 10 she's already making these plans, and worrying. So I assured her that if the time came, we wold take the small bus, or that there would be something else that we would know about.

I do like the cooking and trying to feed you - they haven't tried that with me yet.

Motherbird said...

You never cease to crack me up! I love your posts and try to check them every day. So glad I got to meet you all in China. Laughing hard about Chloe not changing your diapers....


RochelleP_Higginson瓊文 said...


Carmen said...

Yes, you are a hoot! I too, love your blog. A Mexican home remedy for coughing (and it works too!). Slab Vick-Vapo-Rub on the soles of your feet, put on socks and go to bed - no coughing! Really! Let me know how it works for you. Carmen

ronvic7 said...

Translation of the Chinese message left above by "Rochelle"---

The value of life and his happiness lies in his ability to value all their own survival

------okay then.