Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Got my groove back

I'm not Stella but I got my groove and my dog back. I'm back on track, feeling much better and I'll explain the dog in a bit.
Let's see what we have been doing... The kids have been acting totally normal. Bickering, playing, bickering some more, eating, eating, bickering. I know for a FACT that someone has prayed for me to have tolerance as I sat and tolerated Chloe and Chase "doing my hair." Now what they did to my hair was this awful 8 ponytails wild hairdo that they then braided, howled in laughter and insisted on taking pictures of me. I know they adore me (want to make me look even crazier than I am).

They wanted to know how my hair got so soft. Along with if I pull on my eyelashes to get them so long? Uhh, "don't know and NO."

We got Chance's Certificate of Citizenship today, Chase's is sure to follow:) WHOO HOOO. Although this does mean we will be looking at a trip to the Social Security Office to get SS cards. Anyone who has followed us since Kat's adoption will know this is a "for sure" adventure resulting in migraine for mother. Ahhh. Not looking forward to that. Maybe third time will be the charm, I'll try to have positive attitude going in:)

Chloe went to Hannah's yesterday to spend the night after getting her tooth fixed for the third time. Mr. Dentist man said this is it, no more fixing it, she will need a crown if it happens again. She chipped the piece they put on her tooth to fix the chip she had for many years, cracking open a sun flower seed in Ch*na. I didn't even think about her needing to be careful when they were eating them in the hotel but noticed later her tooth was busted again:(

She asked me on the way home why she had so much dental work, she didn't understand her roof of her mouth was infected to the bone from abscesses that started years ago when she was pushed down by another child at the orphanage and broke her 3 front teeth. I told her we did all that work to save her 3 front teeth so she wouldn't need fake teeth, she then asked if other people's teeth were used for false teeth:) "No." And the last question? How much it cost us to fix her teeth. Well, over $1500 total, no insurance coverage for it either. Her response. "Ohhh, my teeth thank you." Okay then. Your teeth are welcome:)
We've really had some interesting conversations, Miss Chloe and I lately. Besides her making me tea, a few times a day, and even bringing it to me.... yeahh, I know, she's sucking up, but it's cool.... she asked me about why "people" prefer sons in Ch*na. So we got into the whole, "needing a son to care for parents" and here we care for ourselves and love to have either boy or girl and how people were changing their thoughts to care about girls as well in Ch*na. That God made both boys and girls for a reason. They are equally important. She is concerned we have a larger ratio of boys here now, but I told her that her and Diva Kat wayyyyy= more than one girl each, they have enough spunk and girly going on to count for 3 each. So we aren't so uneven after all:)

Cam came down with some mysterious short illness yesterday, stomach pains and fever, I gave him fever reducer and he spent a few hours moaning as his maleness requires to make us all aware he did not feel well. Now he's back to normal. Trying to con a kitten into the household.

Which brings me to the dog. The one Son #2 "gifted" to the children at Thanksgiving for their "early" Christmas present. Hummm. Well. She's an evil little thing. Cute, no bigger than a shoe box. A Terrier mutt of some sort. And evil, I tell ya. She doesn't like anyone too much, other than Baba. She hates a leash, her name is Lucy but she only responds to "snack" to come back in the house. She is FINALLY housebroken after a longggg time and food rationing/timed WC breaks for her.

When we got her she cowered constantly. Like she had been beaten. Now I have never beaten her, felt like it, threatened to, said it's only 14 cents for a bullet (I don't own a gun MOM) because this dog is EVIL. She loves WOOD. She has chewed the corners off my big coffee table, all 14 knobs on both sides of same coffee table. All pencils in the whole house. I like to do puzzles and if I lay down my puzzle and pencil to go to the WC when I come back pencil is GONE, in kennel in tiny little pieces.

I have ran the sweeper from living room and gone to dining room, looked back and knobs off coffee table was shredded on living room floor I JUST SWEPT. EVIL, I tell you. She has started gnawing on the chairs in the dining room. I have had it.

SO we re homed her once. She bit 2 people and back she came. We re homed her with a nice little 'ol grandma and older son, thinking, no kids, she'll do okay. WELL... she's on her way back again. I think we might be stuck with the EVIL one, since she isn't DUMB so she has figured out to be nasty, come back here-- ahhh. I refuse to take her to the shelter since we will have to say she bites and they will put her down. I can't live with that. But what am I going to do with this EVIL dog? Named "Snack" since she won't respond to her real name? I think Son #2 has a birthday present coming his way- June 26th to be exact----Possibly a "snack" hah aha haha haha!

Not much else happening, we have Children's church tonight, I caught Chloe's scrap book up completely, just have Kat and Cam's to do and I will be done for now. Chase wanted to know why Chloe had 2 scrapbooks and he only had one---- ahhh, the jealousy, I heard the same thing from Chloe about Kat when she came home, you see. My wonderful, perfectly normal, fantastic kiddos. Always keeping tally for me. Aren't they just fabulous???


Lara said...

I think EVIL DOG's twin must live at our house! Our dog has chewed on the trim on the stairs and door frames, and the legs of a antique piece of family furniture. Oh, and there is the hall rug he chewed up, and I forgot about when he licked a hole in the wall through the bars of his kennel.

Thank you for all your postings! I love reading them, because it makes my household seem normal.

Abby said...

I like the new look on your blog! But on the banner at the top it has Chance and Chase's names mixed up. At least I'm pretty sure Chase was big bro and Chance was little bro.

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Chad and Kristy said...

Wow! I LOVE your new look:) Hope all is well. I leave in 2 weeks to see Anna Li!!!! So, so excited... and nervous!


"T" said...

Okay I'm diggen the doo. Great job Kids. Also whats a WC

Amy in Arizona said...

So sorry about the Snack!! Too bad there isn't some type of juvenile detention center for dogs. My SIL had to take their dog back to the pound because he bit. Hard decision!! I LOVE the new blog!