Thursday, June 10, 2010

Funny kids

My kids have to be about the funniest in the world. Have to be. Hands down.

Here's some examples- Miss Kitty- someone mentioned something about the floor, she proceeds to say "mom never cleans the floor." I told her I had swept and cleaned every day that week while she was at school. She looks at the floor, shrugs and says "it doesn't look that clean to me." (Gonna put her butt to work now that it's summer- scrubbing floors:)

Miss Kitty, aka love bug, went up to the greeters at church on Sunday, gave the wife a hug, of course she did, isn't that WHY they stand there? But then she hugged the hubby and turned to the wife and said "boy, he's a big one, isn't he?" Oh dear.

Chloe fought for her perch on my chair ( kicking off Chance) and when I told her I had watched the "Chinese Made Easy" on the cooking channel (super show, LOVE IT) I had figured out the "vinegar" the kids had been asking me to get them was RICE vinegar- should've KNOWN that. Anyway, I told her I could get everything to cook Chinese but I needed a WOK. Chloe's question? "Why do you need to take walk to cook?" Wellll..... the stress, you know:)

I made them beef in oyster sauce, mushrooms and spinach with garlic and chili peppers. What did they do? Covered it in KETCHUP! I couldn't believe it, all those lovely Chinese spices and flavors. And that was the Chinese born ones, the others ate it like it was and liked it.
All but Donovan, that is. Donovan hates anything I cook because I refuse to count spagettios as a major food group. Ugghhh, no way.

Chase came in from school yesterday, I looked up from under my blanket and coughed. He took one look at me and came over and kissed my cheek. Man I love that kid so much. Didn't say anything, just kiss, then off to get food.

Chance came running with tissues when he heard me sniffling, he wanted to make the tissue into a plug type thingy and shove it up my nose, I wasn't game on that. He beats on my back every time I cough, nothing lodging in MY lungs, no way. Might be black and blue but I won't have pneumonia, that's for sure. He checked out my feet, not sure what they have to do with me being sick, but he had to uncover them and they were froze, so he massaged them and then tucked me in with 4 blankets till I couldn't even move:)

I feel a smidgen better today, I'm going to graduation no matter what. I have to see my girl graduate. Mal gave me and dad a thank you card this morning on her last day of school so I started my day out crying. A hand print of hers, so big now, and telling us she is ready to fly now. Wow, it's hard to hear that. She's always been so responsible and serious, but also fun and so pretty. We are so proud of her.

Donovan barreled in the door saying "yeah, we get to spend the rest of the summer with mom." There's his sense of humor, not very funny.

Chance and Cam, I HAVE to tell you!! Without Chloe interference, they have been seen PLAYING together, Cam is helping Chance learn how to play his games on the Nintendo, they take turns, Cam teaches and they even ganged up on Miss Kitty, not allowed, but they were UNITED in their complaint against her:) My heart warms seeing them on the couch, heads pressed together one playing the game, the other watching and getting along:)

Chloe, on the other hand, has been doing much, much, better. She is using her Chinese to help the boys but not to hinder them, there has been much less yelling at each other. She even made flash cards for the boys and is working with them on simple words. We are very impressed with her.

Chloe asked for a bicycle, and as I was trying to figure out why she would ask for one and explaining they were in the garage, she pretended to lick her fingers and I realized she wanted a POPSICLE. Yeah, almost the same thing. NOT. Same sound, wrong word. She gives a little laugh and says "oh yeah, a popsicle, not a bicycle." That silly girl.

Let the summer fun begin. One good thing, summer flies by:)


Dawn said...

So happy the kids are taking care of mom.and the nose and kleenex thingy...yes, well I think the nannys pretty much teach the kids to do this... I had to unteach my daughter this little trick when she came home from China. My friend whose daughter came from same orphanage as mine had her dau. sneeze a biggie and out came all kinds of interesting stuff... she thought is was tape... so if they try to stick tape up your nose it is a no go... just watch em!

Carmen said...

Hope you are feeling better Vicki! I love to read your blog and am enjoying very make me laugh! Very jealous that you have finished Cam's scrapbook and are working on the others - I've been home for 2 years now with Natalie and still am working on mine! Carmen

Ava said...

Vickie, I love to read your blog.
You nake me laugh!
My 8yo daughter is from QinZhou too.

Lori Lynn said...

That was a wonderful update. It was so much fun to read about all the little stories and language confusion. I am happy to read that the boys are getting along better.

That miss Kitty is such a hoot! My Chloe says things like that too.

"T" said...

I love the way you see the humor in things even when your sick as a dog (what ever that means) Hope you get to feeling better. I guess you will feel as good as a cat?

Amy in Arizona said...

This is the update we have all been waiting to hear!! And your boys are melting my heart way over here in Sacramento!! So glad everyone is settling in a life is somewhat back to normal. Hope you feel better soon!!!