Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Friday

Isn't it amazing that kids all over the world are pretty much the same? Like when they do not have school they think every day mother should have a social event planned for their day, something fun, mind you, not WORK oriented. Something that doesn't start too early to interrupt their "sleeping in" (till NOON Donovan!) nor anything that requires them to sweat or not look good.

REALLY? Someone forgot to give this mother those rules when she became a mother. My thought is we MIGHT do something depending on weather, behaviors and what needs done at home first. Imagine that.

Yesterday we went to the pool. This required a shower?? for Chase to go. Still not sure why? He even showered when he got home too? He's lucky he has any skin left, speaking of, he is peeling from the burn on his shoulders. They thought the sun was a different one than they had in Ch*na, uhh.. no... just take away the SMOG and you get clear blue skies and sun rays. So his first time swimming he burnt. Now his shoulders are peeling and it's something to PICK at.

I never saw a bunch of kids who spent so much time PICKING, and I'm not talking about Amer*can Pickers, where they come back with treasures. These kids pick at scabs, skin, their ears, any bug bite, scratch, anything they see or think they see on themselves. I have broke them of the "nose" picking, but anything else is game to them. I try to tell them they will scar worse if they don't leave things alone, makes no difference to them. Must be something they did out of boredom? A habit?

At least the boys have no nails left to do much damage to anything, a fact they still aren't happy with and continue to tell me my nails should be short as well. Sorry, no go Joe, oops-- I mean, Chase and Chance.

Chloe wanted to know when we went to the pool, "why these girls here have underwear look like it fall off? My ever observant daughter's meaning? The 10 or 11 year old girls wearing bikinis that were wayyyy too tiny. I class this in with "I do not want to see you in your jammies shopping at Walm*rt, please get dressed."

Our girls have bikinis, both Kat and Chloe with the cutest SKIRTS on them. That's right, skirts. Appropriately covering our young and impressionable daughters.

Although I must tell you this, a certain song our little Kat is just taken with, she is singing it anytime she hears it, not that she will be seen on Amer*can Idol any time soon. One small adjustment for her in the lyrics though- "it's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now, I'm a little CHUNK and I need you now."

Momma and Baba are quite happy she is our little "chunk" of love and sweetness and we are really hoping she picks another favorite song to sing before she gets the lyrics of this one corrected or we'll be having a talk with her! BTW, told her to smile for the picture, sassy girl:)

Our social calendar today is yard work, then if they all help (it's not looking good already- they claim they all need to eat before they can lift a finger) then they are going to a local ball game tonight with Baba and Son #1 with fireworks planned after the game.

Mom is staying home for some peace and quiet---- is it 6 pm yet??


Kelly said...

My 4 girls all think I'm supposed to entertain them too. Our rule is that at 10:00 a.m. the TV is off. It took them about a week, and now they don't turn it on. I still however find myself saying, "Next one who argues with a sister matches socks, or cleans windows."

When one of my daughters was very little her favorite song had the lyrics - whoo girl shut your mouth, slap your grandma.... yep.... that was just great. Love your blog - thanks for being real about older adoption. We are trying to get back on our feet after my husband was unemployed for 8 months and then we're going to take a look at it again (younger school age I think). What you did for the siblings was tremendous, and I know one day the true impact will be felt (if it hasn't already).

Dawn said...

Ya mean, I am not the only one who has to tell my kids, "I am not the entertainment director of this ship!" Some days I wanna jump over board!

Mandi said...

Seriously, What is it with the picking? I don't think I have ever seen someone pick at themselves so much. Jaxon picks at everything. Maybe it is a cultural thing if your boys are doing it too.

I love Chloe's comment about the bikinis. She cracks me up.