Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy Day Picnic

Daddy's Day is tomorrow. Can't beat Momma's Day when I had 2 new sons and was in Ch*na enjoying them:)

BUT.... I sent dad to a Father's Day picnic hosted by our church. Alone. With 5 of the 7 rug rats. First he won the prize for the most kids, of course he did. Then Mal got a prize for being a graduate. Then Chance got in trouble. Of course he did. That boy.
Good thing dad is already gray:( The picnic was near a small river. So who ended up wet and caught a snake out of the water and was throwing a dead fish around? Our wonderful son, Chance, of course. Look at his smile, now how could you be mad at him for very long? He's such a B-O-Y.
BTW (mom) no complaints about the pictures, I sent the camera along and said "get a picture of dad with all of you." Hummm... might want to start talking to the walls for all the good talking to these kids does me. Not ONE picture of dad to be seen. Not one. Lots of pictures of certain kids in the pictures of DAD.

Luckily Miss Kitty did not go along to the picnic, she must not have slept well last night as she took a 3 hours nap today and I told Baba just to leave her here, she's a bear if you wake her from a nap. She is also terrified of snakes. Kat woke up and had slept so deeply she was trying to tell me it was Sunday. Yep, she thought she hadn't eaten all day and was not wanting to believe me that it really was still Saturday.

Might have something to do with the new little nocturnal animal in our house. I'll give you a hint, it's not "Snack- oh I mean, Lucy". She hasn't returned. It's a kitten. We are still tossing around names, Camden thinks "Oreo" due to her coloring, I like "Cookie" although after "Snack" I may want to avoid those "food" oriented names for our pets.

She's a cute bugger but she certainly likes the night time and she plays and plays while the kids are trying to sleep. Chloe said she landed on her face at 1 a.m. I just said "don't sleep on the floor, she thinks you are a big toy."

The children came home from the pool yesterday with lots to tell me. Firstly even the Chinese ones were burned. Chase and Chance that is. Chase is still walking around with no shirt due to his shoulders hurting. Camden was slathered in lotion numerous times, yet he still came home with a lobster face! I scolded my niece, who is burned as well, she said she put stuff on all of them.

Besides the sunburned children, apparently Chase is unable to swim. We thought he could but he dived into the deep end and had to be rescued! He was going down and taking poor Debbie with him. The lifeguard got them both out and she banned him to the part where he can still touch bottom. Chance swims like a fish. Not sure why one can swim and one can't but there it is.

Tomorrow's plans are church then a quiet day at home for Dad. He got his big gift already, we all went together and bought him a rocker/ recliner chair. It's deep brown and very plush. He really likes it. Since we found it on clearance as a last one in stock and had to get him to help haul it in the house, it was impossible to make it a secret. He can sit in it tomorrow and watch a NASCAR race and he will be in his daddy glory:)

And since we are honoring fathers, my hubby deserves some recognition, don't ya think? He is very patient, always willing to take the kids and do things with them, usually taking turns so they all get to feel special.
I feel so blessed to have him in my life, to be raising children with him, and I know a big part of having a good home for our children to live and grow up in is having a hardworking, strong dad who offsets their red headed mother:)

Happy Father's Day Baba, you're the best. I'm so glad to share my life and our children with you:)


Single Mama to Ngoc said...

Looks like they had fun at the picnic. Sorry to hear about the sunburned kiddos. Hope you weren't too hard on your Niece. I can tell you that even with SPF on, if it's hot enough outside you can still burn to a crisp. I've had it happen to me twice in my life, both times during a heat wave when the suns rays were so intense.

俊偉 said...
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